Fans Slammed Randall Emmett’s Instagram Throwback Pic With Celebrity

Getty Images Randall Emmett's alleged cheating outed on Instagram.

Fans blasted Randall Emmett after he shared a throwback picture of himself with a celebrity.

On February 4, 2022, the “Vanderpump Rules” cast member shared an old photo of himself with A-list actor, Mark Wahlberg. Fans didn’t hold back with their thoughts on the photo.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Thought the Photos Was ‘a Forced Photo Opp’ & Blasted Randall as ‘Embarrassing’

Fans took to Emmett’s Instagram to leave comments making fun of his throwback picture.

“A forced photo opp,” someone wrote. Many fans simply commented with clown emojis.

“Lol this looks like a paparazzi pic,” another fan wrote. “Embarrassing,” someone else wrote. “Reach higher,” another fan commented.

“This is so embarrassing,” someone wrote. “And it only has like 300 likes. Which may as well be 0 to a ‘famous’ person,” someone wrote. The post now has just under 8,000 likes.

“Poor Mark,” someone else commented.

“This literally looks like you’re in a club or something and hit him with a ‘photo bomb.’ This gives off really weird vibes,” another fan wrote.

“@markwahlberg wore army pants and flip flops so I wore army pants and flip flops,” a fan wrote mimicking a famous line from the movie ‘Mean Girls.’

“Wahlbergs facial expression is foreshadowing at its finest,” another fan wrote.

“How could you like this post Tom? Come on,” a fan wrote about fellow cast member Tom Schwartz liking the post.

“What a try hard,” someone wrote. “Mark is not into it lol,” another person wrote.

“But like… does he remember???” another fan wrote. “Looks like a creepy fan moment. Not good!” someone commented.

“Cringy and just weird. What’s the point ??” someone said.

“Desperate flex (aka please like me),” another fan wrote.

Another fan took the chance to blast him for cheating on Lala Kent.

“Shame on you! Don’t use Mark Walberg who is actually faithful to his family to try and make yourself look good.”

“Was that back when you were a decent guy?” someone said.

“Youre such a clout chaser. You act like the intern on every set or encounter you have with a celebrity,” another fan wrote. “Instant yuck,” someone wrote.

“You should crawl into a cave,” someone wrote. “Pathetic,” another person wrote.

“Professional hanger-on,” a fan said. “Randall, I think you dropped something. Oh! It’s another name,” someone else wrote.

“You really should just stop with whatever you’re doing dude? It’s embarrassing as shit. trying tooo hard,” another fan wrote.

Fans Commented With a Turtle Emoji Furthering the Rumor That the ‘Entourage’ Character Was Based on Emmett

Many fans also commented with turtle emojis or calling Emmett a turtle. The turtle comments stem from a rumor that the turtle assistant in the HBO show “Entourage” was based on Emmett. 

“Wow Turtle,” someone wrote.

“That moment when you realize you’ve been Turtle all along!” another fan wrote.

According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Emmett was Wahlberg’s assistant and parts of him (and other assistants) were pooled together to create the character Turtle who was the on-show assistant to Vincent Chase.

“It’s not directly based on me,” Emmett said while he was appearing on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. “Because there was another kid, there were a bunch of assistants and we were kind of all blended. The assistants were kind of a mishmash of two or three of us.”

He went on to namedrop another assistant it was also based on.

“There was another kid that dressed like Turtle, you know? I was the longterm assistant. And then ‘E’ [Eric Murphy] it was his first assistant, not his manager. His manager didn’t want to be a character, who was my boss, like, you know, still works for Mark today. But is more of a road manager. And he’s a producer on ‘Entourage’.”

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