Fans Mocked Randall Emmett for Oscars Instagram Post

Randall Emmett

Getty Randall Emmett.

Fans are ripping Randall Emmett on Instagram after he posted a photo celebrating the Oscars.

On Sunday, March 27, 2022, the film producer, who appeared on “Vanderpump Rules” shared a photo of himself on the Academy Awards red carpet posed next to a life-sized Oscar statue.

“Congrats to all the nominees and winners tonight.” he wrote. “Its a magical journey, i was there a few years back in this pic for @theirishmanfilm.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Slammed Randall Emmett for Sharing a Photo From 2020 ‘Get Over Yourself’

Fans were not impressed by Emmett for sharing a photo from 2020.

“Lmao why did u post this,” a fan commented.

“It looks like he bought a ticket to get in!” another person wrote.

“What an odd photo lol,” someone wrote.

“My high school prom called….they want their suit back,” someone commented

“Please, get over yourself,” another fan said.

“Isn’t that big Ed?” someone wrote alluding to a person on the show “90 Day Fiance.”

“WHO watches that crap???” a fan said.

“Literally nobody cares haha,” another fan wrote.

“Chasing that clout lol you weren’t there this year so shhhhhhh,” someone wrote.

“Your suit is un fitted,” a fan pointed out. Another fan mentioned the length of his tie.

“No one cares that u were there for ur shitty too long of a film sit down sir,” someone said.

“Why do you have your arm around a statue!” a fan wrote. Another fan said, “Looks like you are feeling up Oscar.”

“Wouldn’t be caught dead watching that bulls***,” another fan wrote.

“OK so you were there a few years ago and???” someone said.

“Quit trying to find happiness in all this nonsense, nobody cares,” a fan said.

Randall Emmett Attended the 2020 Oscars When He Was Nominated for Producing ‘the Irishman’

Randall Emmett has been working in the film industry for years and is a producer of numerous films such as “The Irishman” (2019), “Fortress” (2021), and “Wash Me in the River” (2022), among many others.

He was nominated in 2020 for his role as a producer for “The Irishman” and attended the ceremony alongside Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro.

He’s best known to Bravo fans as the ex-fiance to “Vanderpump Rules” star, Lala Kent, with whom they share a child. He’s been under fire by fans lately after cheating allegations surfaced, leading to the split of the couple.

In February 2020, he posted an Instagram Story gushing about Kent, who joined him for the Vanity Fair Oscars party after the Academy Awards ended, according to Bravo’s Daily Dish. 

“I brought the best Oscar home. I got her right here, my little statue. I love you,” Randall said, according to the outlet.. “I’m a nominee forever, but I have you forever, too.”

Kent shared an Instagram Story herself that same night, the outlet reported.

“All right. I came out. I got dressed up. I even gave a little leg action. Lasted one hour. I’m done with it!” Lala said in the video, according to Bravo’s Daily Dish. “That is a wrap on awards season.”

Emmett didn’t win the award that night but posted about an even better prize … his daughters.

“You know, I might have not won the Oscar, [but] when you come home to this, you definitely won way more than the Oscar. This is the most beautiful thing you could ever come home to,” Randall shared in his Instagram Story, according to the outlet. “I thank both my daughters. They are my everything, and this is so awesome. So I think I won tonight.”

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