Raquel Leviss Addresses the James Kennedy Nose Bump Rumors

Getty Images Fans think Raquel Leviss is too good for James Kennedy.

It’s not about the pasta. It’s about the nose.

During a January 7 appearance on Scheana Shay’s podcast, “Vanderpump Rules” star Raquel Leviss set the record straight on rumors surrounding her ex, James Kennedy. During this season of “Vanderpump Rules,” Leviss had revealed that Kennedy had accidentally “bumped” her nose while going in for a kiss right after her nose job, which caused it to be slightly crooked.

After she admitted this, many fans, and even Lisa Vanderpump, thought that Kennedy might have done it on purpose, or that he had been physically abusive towards Leviss. However, Leviss explained what really went down during the podcast.

“I understand the concern that you guys have, because you’ve seen James be verbally abusive, and he hasn’t been there for me when I needed him to be there for me emotionally as well, so it wouldn’t be that far-fetched to assume that James has been physically abusive to me, but I want to set the record straight that he has never laid a hand on me,” Leviss explained on the Scheananigans with Scheana Shay podcast. “He has never been physically abusive to me, and I just think that’s unfair to him.”

Leviss continued, “When we’re on reality TV, we’re giving people permission to make assumptions and make their own conclusions about things, but I just want to throw it out there that that did not happen. It was purely an act of love, James came in for a kiss and he forgot… He gets a little scatter-brained.”

Some of Kennedy’s Fellow ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Costars Confronted Him About His ‘Controlling’ Behavior Before His Split From Leviss

During this season of “Vanderpump Rules,” some of Kennedy’s friends and fellow costars have confronted him about his “controlling” behavior towards Leviss. In one episode, Kennedy told Leviss that he did not want her having any strippers or phallic straws at her bachelorette party. He later spoke about his behavior with Lala Kent, as well as Tom Sandoval and Brock Davies, maintaining that he was not controlling to Leviss, but had been to other ex-girlfriends in the past.

“I don’t want him to get in the habit of being controlling,” Leviss admitted during the December 28, 2021 episode of “Vanderpump Rules.” “Like, that is just not cool with me. He seems to think that he knows what’s best for me at all times.”

Kennedy and Leviss Announced Their Split via Instagram

In early December 2021, Kennedy and Leviss announced their breakup via Instagram in a joint statement. The couple had been together since 2016, and got engaged in May 2021, which viewers saw during this season of “Vanderpump Rules.”

“After these 5 wonderful years we had together, we decided we have two different goals and made the decision to call off the engagement,” the couple wrote on Instagram at the time. “We love each other very much, but we aren’t in love anymore. We want nothing but the best for each other so please keep any thoughts positive. Sending Love.”

Viewers can catch brand-new episodes of “Vanderpump Rules” every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. Eastern time on Bravo.

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