Scheana Marie Slammed as a ‘Narcissist’ by ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans

Getty Images Scheana Marie is being slammed by 'VPR' fans.

Scheana Marie is being slammed on Reddit after a thread was started to open a discussion about how the “Vanderpump Rules” star has portrayed herself on the show.

“I just cannot get over her narcissistic attitude it’s crazy the way she goes on. She makes everything about herself,” the original poster wrote, adding, “I don’t get the die hard Scheana stans. Does anyone agree with me?”

The thread filled up with more than 100 comments, mostly of fans agreeing with the OP. Scheana has been on “VPR” since its inception in 2013. Over the years, fans have watched Scheana through many ups and downs in her friendships — and her relationships. However, many fans seem to feel that Scheana — from the beginning — has been self-centered.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Called Scheana an ‘Attention Seeker’ & Some Don’t Think Motherhood Has Changed Her

It seems as though Scheana hasn’t made the best impression of “Vanderpump Rules” fans. As she navigates life as a mom with her boyfriend, Brock Davies, Scheana may be trying to grow and change, but fans don’t seem impressed.

“From the moment they brought Scheana on, I disliked her. She was running around saying she’s a ‘guys girl’ and doesn’t get along with women and then saying things like ‘I’d rather be gang banged by all the men than in the same car with the girls’ like yuck. She’s a huge attention seeker,” wrote one Redditor.

“Men come before everything with her. The fact that she didn’t even question Brock’s relationship with his kids because ‘he treats her like gold’ shows the kind of girl she is. And then naming her daughter summer and saying Brock’s kids mom made a big deal about it was…. All I needed to see of Scheana to see that being a mother hasn’t changed her,” added another.

“Absolutely can’t stand her, she’s a narcissist who’s desperate to be famous,” a third person commented.

Fans Slammed Scheana for How She Handled Her Now Ex-Husband’s Addiction

Scheana was married to Michael Shay from 2014 through 2017, and the couple’s wedding aired on a past episode of “Vanderpump Rules.” Shay was addicted to painkillers, and that came out in the fourth season of the show.

“I was very uneducated on [addiction] and it showed and I just got ripped a new a–hole on the internet. But it made me get educated and inform myself of things that I had no idea about,” Scheana said at BravoCon 2019. “So it was really hard to see all of that because I knew they were right, but it helped me grow as a person. So it’s just doing the right thing with the hate you get and turning it into something positive,” she added.

And while Scheana may have gotten “ripped” online back then, she’s still getting slammed on Reddit about it today.

“The moment I started seriously disliking Scheana was during the time she was making Shay’s addiction a storyline [and] she still encouraged him to go out and drink, just ‘drink to get a little buzz, not to get wasted.’ Like girl, how do you not understand at 30 years old that an alcoholic can’t just drink a little bit to get a little buzz?? If they could be in control of how much they were gonna drink, then they wouldn’t be an alcoholic. It was so selfish, she obviously didn’t want him to completely stop drinking because she didn’t want to let go of her party lifestyle,” one Redditor pointed out.

“As someone who was in a relationship with an addict, I was flabbergasted at her thought process. As you said, the wanting him to get a little buzz was absurd and her not supporting the idea of going to rehab was so naïve. I know from experience no one is getting over an addiction like that. The way she handled her entire relationship with shay—even post-divorce, constantly trashing him—was cringeworthy…” added another.

“That was a great example of how not to handle someone with addiction. A lot of people are very ignorant to addiction if they’ve never seen it first hand or experienced it themselves. That would have been a good time for her to start going to Alanon and educating herself but she didn’t care enough,” wrote a third.

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