Scheana Shay Defends Brock Davies’ Plan for a Rush Proposal

Brock Davies Scheana Shay

Bravo Brock Davies Scheana Shay

Scheana Shay is standing by her man – again.

After the January 4 episode of the Bravo reality show aired, the “Vanderpump Rules” star reacted to fan comments about her fiancé, Brock Davies, and his plans to propose to her and give her a surprise wedding all in one day.

After Brock cooked up an idea to use James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss’ destination engagement party weekend as a backdrop for his own plans for Scheana, fans did not hold back.

But Scheana took to Twitter to explain why her man appeared to be rushing to get her to the altar.

“He wanted to propose to me this season and we are approaching our last week we filmed. Time was limited,” Scheana wrote on Twitter.

Vanderpump Rules Fans Called Out Brock Davies on Social Media

Brock Davies

BravoBrock Davies

Brock has had a hard time with viewers this season, so it’s no surprise that fans had a big reaction to Scheana’s explanation that he was running out of time to propose to her before filming for “Vanderpump Rules” wrapped. In response to Scheana’s tweet, one follower wrote, “Proposals can still happen without cameras around.”

Scheana addressed that speculation that she wanted an on-camera proposal.

“Honestly, i didn’t care if it was on camera or off,” she wrote. “I’ve already had a proposal on the show. I just want to marry the father of my daughter bc he is the love of my life. He explains more why he wanted it on camera on my most recent podcast too!”

Other commenters slammed the dad of three for seemingly trying to hijack his co-stars’ engagement weekend, which was the setting for the final days of filming the 9th season of “Vanderpump Rules.”

Months before their recent split, Kennedy and Leviss celebrated their engagement with a dream weekend with their co-stars at the Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez, California, as seen in Instagram photos.

But on “Vanderpump Rules,” viewers saw Brock eyeing the spot for his own purposes. On camera, the gym owner talked about using the gorgeous setting for an instant wedding to Scheana. When he told his co-star Tom Sandoval about his idea, he was warned that groom-to-be James probably wouldn’t be too happy about it.

In comments posted to a Reddit thread, “Vanderpump Rules” fans weren’t happy about it either.

“Who…gets married at someone’s engagement party … oh my God Brock,” one viewer wrote.

“It literally has me dead because you know Scheana would cover and defend him,” another wrote. “Last episode we saw him involving Randall and Lala and flaking when they wouldn’t pay for it. Then this episode we see him planning to f***ing  leech off of James and Raquel’s engagement party to get married. In my opinion, that is WORSE than proposing to someone at a wedding. This is someone’s engagement party and you’re going to get married at it???? “

“When he’s talking about how he’s seen Raquel’s venue and thinks it’s beautiful and would be a nice place to marry Scheana. Like broo, wtf is wrong with you??” another questioned.

“This is not your venue Brock!” another wrote. “It’s Raquel and James’ venue and he is just piggy backing off that. He doesn’t even need to pay for the venue when Raquel and James are paying for it FOR THEM. Absolutely disgusting.”

Brock’s Idea to Propose at the Winery Came After His Previous Proposal Plan Was Scrapped

On the December 28 episode of  “Vanderpump Rules,” Brock approached Randall Emmett for help with a plan to stage a fake movie premiere that would serve as the setting for his proposal and an instant wedding to Scheana.  But when Lala Kent refused to use Randall’s credit card for the theater rental, the plan was canceled. Some fans think Brock was hoping that Randall and Lala would foot the bill for his pricey proposal.

But in an interview on the “Tap in” podcast, Brock said the scenes were edited, and he explained that the movie theater canceled on him.

“My biggest pet peeve is…there’s a spin on the storylines that come out and it’s like we said before it’s one version or the other,” he said. “So my engagement-slash-wedding was gonna cost me a fair amount. It got canceled because of COVID, restrictions, and we couldn’t get the venue on the time and then they spun it, it was spun out as if I couldn’t afford to do any of this.”

“Vanderpump Rules” fans have yet to see if Brock can pull off a winery wedding, but he ultimately proposed to Scheana at the couple’s home in Los Angeles in July 2021.


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tatiana roveda
tatiana roveda
5 months ago

Brock is a scheming , mooch! He’s disgusting! Maybe get a job and find your own venue. Dump him now-I’d bet he never even told Scheana his previous plans, and how he tried scamming her friends out of their money. Australia’s calling your name.

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