Scheana Shay Reacts to Comparisons Between Brock Davies & Randall Emmett

Scheana Shay

Bravo Scheana Shay.

Scheana Shay reacted to comparisons between her fiancé, Brock Davies, and Lala Kent’s ex, Randall Emmett, during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.”

Both “Vanderpump Rules” dads have been under scrutiny over domestic situations with their ex-wives. Brock has been under fire for a domestic violence order from his ex-wife and his lack of financial support for his two kids who live in Australia.

And after Randall split from Lala amid cheating allegations, he filed to lower his child support payments to his ex-wife, Ambyr Childers, due to his “significant debts,” according to Page Six. In court documents obtained by the outlet, the filmmaker stated that his income was “drastically reduced” in 2020 and that he is now “having liquidity issues.” Randall claimed that funding a hefty expense account for Rylee and London, the daughters he shares with his ex-wife, “will cause me great financial hardship and force me to file for bankruptcy.”

Now that his split from Lala is official, Randall will also likely be ordered to pay child support for their daughter, Ocean.

Scheana Shay Said She Gets No Satisfaction Out of Randall & Lala’s Situation

Scheana Shay on Lala Kent & Randall Emmett’s Split | WWHLScheana Shay from Vanderpump Rules tells Andy Cohen that she speaks with Lala Kent almost everyday and is asked what she thinks about Lala’s split with Randall Emmett. ►► Subscribe To WWHL: ►► Watch Full Episodes: Watch WWHL Sun-Thu 11/10c: WWHL Website: Follow WWHL: Like WWHL: WWHL Tumblr: 'Watch…2021-11-03T02:20:29Z

While speaking on “Watch What Happens Live,” Scheana answered a fan who asked, “Now that the news has broken that Randall wants to reduce child support to avoid bankruptcy, what do you think about Lala saying Brock shouldn’t be compared to him because he’s a stand-up guy?”

“I’m not going to speak on that relationship at all,” Scheana replied. “It, you know it’s a tough position that they’re in.”

After Bravo host Andy Cohen noted that it is “ironic” that the episode in which Lala was berating Brock and praising Randall as a stand-up guy aired just as news about Randall’s child support payments broke, Scheana agreed. But she added that it is not satisfying to see Lala in her current situation.

“No not at all,” Scheana said. “I don’t like seeing her go through any of this. I talk to Lala almost every day, I’ve checked in on her a lot. She’s doing good.”

Lala Kent Slammed Brock Davies on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Brock Davies Lala Kent

Getty/BravoBrock Davies and Lala Kent

Lela Kent has not held back on her feelings about Scheana’s fiancé, Brock. In “Vanderpump Rules” scenes that were filmed a few months ago, Lala brought up Brock’s personal domestic situation during a group dinner. She pointed out that Brock has not seen his children in Australia for more than four years and that he was hit with a domestic violence order after slapping his ex and warned Scheana about the red flags she should be seeing.

“Vanderpump Rules” co-star Tom Sandoval then cut in to say, “Lala, when you first started dating Randall, you had all these stipulations.”

Sandoval was referring to Lala never referencing Randall by name on camera when she first got involved with him because he was not yet divorced from his wife.

“No!” Lala replied. “This is not gonna happen. What you’re not gonna do is talk about my fiancé right now. This man [Brock] hasn’t seen his children in four f***ing years. How dare you compare my fiancé, who is a stand-up man, to him.”

During an episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” that aired before her split from Randall was announced, Lala hesitated when Andy Cohen asked if Scheana “has found ‘The One’ in Brock.”

‘Oh no,” she said.

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