Scheana Shay Defends Brock Davies Ahead of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Premiere

Scheana Shay

Bravo Scheana Shay

Scheana Shay and her fiance Brock Davies opened up about the upcoming season of  “Vanderpump Rules,” and how it will put their relationship – and Davies’ past – in the spotlight.

During an appearance on E! News’ “Daily Pop” the “Vanderpump Rules” star, who welcomed baby girl Summer Moon with Davies in April, revealed she felt “prepared” for her man to join her on the Bravo reality show she has starred in since 2013, because she had extended off-camera time to build a solid foundation with him during the COVID-19 pandemic. Shay’s relationship ups and downs, including a failed first marriage, have played out on the first eight seasons of the Bravo reality show.

When asked how it felt to have people digging up his business and background, Davies old “Daily Pop” he realized “very quickly” that the reality show is “all real.” The gym owner said instead of thinking things in his head, he said them on camera.

“You gotta speak up for what you believe in, and once you say that, that’s your truth,” he revealed.

Davies Responded to a ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Preview That Shows Lala Kent Insinuating That He’s a Bad Father

Lala Kent

YouTube/BravoLala Kent

A “Vanderpump Rules” teaser previously released by Bravo showed co-star Lala Kent insinuating that Davies is an absentee father to his older children who live in Australia with their mother and stepfather. While talking to pal Katie Maloney-Schwartz, Kent said, “Brock has two kids. He hasn’t spoken to them in four years.”

Davies has a son named and a  daughter named Winter from his previous relationship,  according to Life & Style.

When asked by “Daily Pop” about people saying he’s not a good father to his older two children but is now starting a family with Shay, Davies admitted he has made mistakes in the past.

“Through this I got to talk about what happened in my past, to own up to that,” he said. “So to be the better version of myself, I have made mistakes in my past but I’m not repeating those past mistakes. So you’ll see that as the season rolls. I definitely have to fight some demons and if I can own them I’m happy where we’re at. It works out for the best for us and you see it. But filming was definitely intense.”

Scheana Shay also responded to Kent’s on-camera call out of her fiancé, which took place after the two had reconciled from a long-standing feud.

“It was really tough because you see in the first episode she and I have a deep, heart-to-heart right off the bat that was long overdue,” Shays said. “And so to come so far after a falling out and then take steps back, it was really hard.”

The “Good as Gold’ singer added that she understood that Kent was “coming from a place of concern,” but teased that viewers will get to see what an ”amazing” dad Davies is to their daughter Summer.

“I was like ‘Just ‘give him a chance,’” Shay said. “He’s the most amazing, hands-on father.”

Kent Has Teased That Davies Will Have a Major Storyline on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Brock Davies

BravoBrock Davies

According to Page Six, Kent’s comment about Davies’ kids was “taken out of context,” and that that the “complicated family matter” is due to the pandemic that “ hindered travel between the US and Australia, where the kids live.”

But in an interview with She Knows, the Give Them Lala” author revealed that Davies will be part of a major storyline for his first season on the Bravo reality show.

“I think people will be surprised to see the drama and what a huge storyline Scheana’s fiancé Brock is,” Kent dished.

“Vanderpump Rules” star Lisa Vanderpump also confirmed to Us Weekly that things “got a little complicated” for the engaged couple and that “Brock brings definitely, you know, some surprises.”

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