Scheana Shay Fires Back at Critics of Her Engagement Ring & How Brock Davies Paid For It

Scheana Shay

Getty Scheana Shay.

Scheana Shay spoke out about the engagement ring her fiancé, Brock Davies, gave her when he popped the question in July.

On the January 4, 2021 episode of “Vanderpump Rules,” the Australian fitness guru stopped by to pick up the ring he was having designed for Scheana.

In a confessional, Brock revealed that he was working with celebrity jeweler Kyle Chan on the ring and that the design “grew” from eight carats to almost 13 during the process. Brock brought pal Tom Sandoval along for the pickup of the “rare, pink morganite” stone, which Chan revealed was worth about $25,000.

Brock then pulled out multiple credit cards to pay for the ring and instructed Chan to put $4,000 on two of the cards and $2,000 on the other.

Scheana Defended Her Ring & Revealed She Never Wanted a Traditional Diamond

Scheana has been engaged and married before. For her first engagement to ex-husband Mike Shay in 2014, she received a traditional diamond sparkler. At the time, Shay told E! News that the ring was a custom design from Constantine Creations in Covina, California.

Scheana’s second engagement ring is a 12.74-carat rectangular cushion-cut pink morganite that sits on a 14-karat white gold band adorned with 12 diamonds, according to People. Brock told the outlet that Scheana had told him what she wanted in a ring and he approached their good friend Kyle Chan, who “ran with the design and came back with such a fire cut.”

While Scheana clearly wanted something just like the pink morganite ring that she received from Brock, some social media followers questioned why he didn’t buy her a diamond.

After a Twitter user noted that the ring is “not a diamond,” Scheana responded, “It’s still 12.74 carats. Why does it matter what stone?”

In another tweet, she wrote, “I didn’t want a diamond. Morganites are beautiful and have so much meaning.”

Scheana Explained Why the ‘Math’ Didn’t Add Up When Brock Paid For the Ring

Other fans questioned how much Brock paid for the ring after his credit card transactions didn’t add up to the amount that Chan quoted. One person asked if Sandoval “had to put money down for him cause his math didn’t add up to 25k!”

“No, he didn’t,” Scheana confirmed. “And he didn’t have to pay that much either. Kyle hooked it up,” she added.

Another follower sent Scheana a pic of a cheaper pink morganite and noted that Brock “got ripped off” if he paid $25,000.

“This looks nothing like mine,” the “Good as Gold” singer replied. “Mine is a rare light pink stone. Also, he didn’t actually PAY $25k. He got a very good deal. What the ring is worth and what he paid are very different and I have the papers to prove it.”

The “Vanderpump Rules” star revealed that the ring is actually worth more than originally thought.

“The ring is actually worth more than that we found out too,” she added. “They like to hear how much things cost on the show. Whether or not that’s what we pay is another story.”

In response to another question about how much the ring cost and how Brock paid for it, Scheana wrote, “He was charged on his credit cards but it’s no one’s business how much.”

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Tina Crees
Tina Crees
4 months ago

She should be concerned about him wanting to hijack the venue of someone else engagement partygoer their wedding without talking to them or offering to pay for any of it
He is shady AF

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