Fans ‘Can’t Unsee’ This Detail on Scheana Shay

Scheana Shay

Bravo Scheana Shay at the Vanderpump Rules reunion.

Fans are discussing a detail of “Vanderpump Rules” star Scheana Shay’s appearance.

Fans took to Reddit to blast Shay’s manicure in an Instagram Live post of her promoting her new eyelash line.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Slammed Scheana Shay’s Manicure: ‘Scheana’s Bad Nails Are One of the Mysteries I Need Solved Most’

The thread titled, “Scheana’s schlepping lashes but I can’t unsee her manicure” featured a close-up image of the manicure.

“Scheana’s bad nails are one of the mysteries I need solved most,” someone wrote. “Does she give herself like a $25 budget for manicures, and this is the best she can get? Does her manicurist have some epic blackmail on her? What is going on?”

“SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! I have never seen them up close like this all thick and terrible either ugh,” another fan commented. “The length also just drives me nuts like WHY. maybe once in a while or something but to have nails like this always i dont get it. I DONT GET IT!!!!!”

“Her nails always look so bad!!!! Like get an almond shape or something sis,” a fan wrote.

“Whoever she goes to puts WAY too much acrylic powder on them! They look like they’re half an inch taller than her skin,” someone pointed out.

“Cue Scheana’s next IG story which is her with a fresh mani and new nail shape with some stupid message saying she wanted to try something new when in reality she read all of us talking shit about her fucked up manis in 5…4…3…2…1……..” a fan joked. 

“My press on nails from Target look way better than these!” someone wrote. 

“She looks terrible tbh. She hops on every young LA girl trend in a desperate attempt to look younger but she doesn’t realize that she looks like a clown,” a fan wrote. “She’d look a lot more beautiful and youthful if she stuck to her natural look. She had a cute, round face that would look so much more youthful than… whatever this is.”

Scheana Showed off 40-Week Postpartum Body on Instagram

On March 1, 2022, Shay shared a before and after side-by-side photo of her pregnant at 40 weeks and then holding her daughter Summer 40 weeks after birth.

“40 weeks in… 40 weeks out!” she captioned the photo.

Fans praised Shay for the photos in the comments.

“you look amazing,” a fan commented.

“Looking goooooodddd!!” a fan wrote. “I know u were not happy about your post baby body but like u said u grew a baby so u looked good! Yes there r people who look normal right after giving birth but they r far and in between! U look so good in this picture u should be proud! U look so good!!!!”

“Women !! We are so damn Fab!” another fan said.

“HOT MOMMA post pregnancy goals on point !!!!” someone wrote along with a flame emoji.

“Omgee @scheana she’s a doll and so are you,” a fan said.

“You are a beautiful mommy with a beautiful baby! Stay calm, stay strong, believe in yourself and don’t let the crazies on the show it to you!” someone commented.

Shay gave birth to Summer Moon Honey Davies on April 26, 2021, with her boyfriend (now fiance) Brock Davies after suffering a miscarriage. Davies has two other children from a previous relationship that he’s often criticized for not seeing.

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