Scheana Shay Blasted for Posting ‘Invasive Picture’ of Daughter

Scheana Shay

Getty Scheana roasted for potty training photo.

Fans think a post by “Vanderpump Rules” star Scheana Shay is violating her daughter’s privacy with a recent photo.

Shay posted a photo on her Instagram Story of her toddler daughter, Summer Moon, using the toilet. “Proud mama right here! 3x so far today!!!” she wrote on the post. There were no private areas showing and Shay censored it with a sticker that reads “it’s potty time.”

But fans were still upset with the post.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Slammed Scheana Shay for Posting an ‘Invasive Picture’ of Summer Moon: ‘This Poor Child Will Grow up With Zero Privacy’

“Oh god i never thought about Scheana as a mom much and I’m now realizing she’s def gonna be like the family vlog type people who exploit their kids,” someone wrote. “If you wouldn’t want a pic of you using the toilet on the internet why you gonna do it to your child? Weird af.”

“I’m pretty sure she thinks this is cute or funny,” another fan said. 

“This poor child will grow up with zero privacy. I wish ‘celeb’ parents had more respect for their kids safety & privacy than this,” someone pointed out. 

“People like this are the reason I got off social media,” a fan joked. 

Someone blasted Reddit for resharing the post, “Am I crazy for thinking it shouldn’t be posted here either, even with the filter? I know she posts her face all the time, but honestly I don’t like the idea of contributing to Summer being online. Especially when we’re clearly not okay with Scheana doing it, you know?””

“Posting a normal photo is whatever, but posting this invasive picture of her on the potty is basically doing exactly what Scheana did. ‘Look at this photo; isn’t it disturbing??’ Like, yes, it is, and I could have gone forever without seeing it,” another fan agreed.

“It makes me sad for Summer,” someone wrote. “I wish Scheana would respect her privacy. She has 1.3 million followers…idk some things should be kept private. I totally get that she’s proud but.”

“like what the f***,” a fan wrote. “Imagine being a grown adult and someone posting a picture without your consent of you going to the bathroom!!!!! if you wouldn’t do it as an adult, don’t do it with your baby!!!!! they cannot even consent for themselves.”

“No shame, nor common sense,” someone said. “I hate this, another wrote. 

Shay’s Wedding Was the Scene of a Major Vanderpump Rules Hook-up Rumor: ‘I Personally Did Not See’

Shay married the father of her child, Brock Davies, in August but one of the major storylines to come out of the event was an alleged hook-up between bridesmaid Raquel Leviss and newly-separated Tom Schwartz.

And Shay has finally spoken out about it.

“I personally did not see anyone else make out,” Shay told E! News. “I heard.”

She went on to say she saw the pair talking, “I did not see anything further than that, but I heard,” she told the outlet.

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