Scheana Shay Reveals Timeline for 2nd Baby With Brock Davies

Scheana Shay

Bravo Scheana Shay.

Scheana Shay opened up plans to have a second baby with her fiancée, Brock Davies. The 36-year-old “Vanderpump Rules” star, who gave birth to a baby girl, Summer Moon Honey Davies, in April 2021,  revealed that her family planning timeline has changed as her daughter approaches her first birthday.

In addition to Summer, Brock is a father to two children, Eli and Winter, who live in Australia and whom he has not seen in four years due to child support and other custody issues.

On the “Scheanangins” podcast, Scheana and Brock were asked if they plan to have another baby.

“I think so,” Davies replied. “Obviously, I want to work on my older two as well, but I definitely look forward to having one or two… I’m open.”

“I think in a couple of years,” Scheana agreed. “Originally, before I had any complications, I had such a great pregnancy, there were no complications until, obviously, we were in labor. I was thinking like this summer we would try to get pregnant again so they were like pretty close in age. Like, oh my God that’s so soon…totally not.”

Scheana Shay Had Serious Complications After Giving Birth to Summer Moon

Last April, Scheana was induced at 40 weeks of pregnancy, but things took a scary turn when she developed preeclampsia that turned into HELLP syndrome.

In the caption to a photo shared to Instagram, Scheana told fans, “My doctor said I was lucky, and we caught this just in time to treat as it’s very unusual to be caught so late, in postpartum. Until this morning I was on a magnesium drip that made me extremely lethargic and flu-like, shivering uncontrollably to the point where I felt like I was seizing.”

On an episode of her “Scheananigans With Scheana Shay” podcast, the new mom gave more details about her delivery complications. “Basically my liver was struggling,” she said. “I was borderline about to have a stroke or a seizure. … It literally is a life-threatening disease, and it could have been fatal. It’s the second-highest cause of death in pregnant women.”

At the time, Scheana also revealed that she was unsure if she would ever want to get pregnant in the future because she is at high risk for developing HELLP syndrome again.

“I don’t know if I want to do this again,” the “Vanderpump Rules” star told People in September 2021. “It won’t be a better pregnancy.”

Scheana Shay Revealed She May Use a Surrogate For Her 2nd Baby

After she gave birth to Summer, Scheana talked about a possible plan for another baby. In a scene on season 9 of “Vanderpump Rules” that was filmed last summer, Scheana admitted that she wanted to give her daughter a sibling but was afraid to put herself at risk again, especially now that she is a mother.

In the scene, it was revealed that Scheana and her co-star Ariana Madix went together to freeze their eggs before Scheana got pregnant. Scheana then asked Ariana if she was considering using a surrogate for her eggs, then offered up a unique suggestion.

“If we could get surrogates together and then we could have so much fun watching someone else carry our babies!” Scheana said.

In the people interview, Scheana revealed that within the next six months she planned to unfreeze her eggs to turn them into embryos just to see if any of them are viable for a surrogate option.

“If they’re not, then I would freeze embryos before I would try to get naturally pregnant again,” she revealed. The “Vanderpump Rules” star also revealed that she would be open to adoption.

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