‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans Are Concerned After New Pics Surface

Lala Kent and Scheana Shay

Getty Images Fans are concerned when they notice someone is missing from Scheana Shay's photos.

The “Vanderpump Rules” friend group dynamic appears to have changed.

On June 28, 2022, Scheana Shay took to her Instagram feed to share some pics from an afternoon she spent with her pals — Brittany Cartwright and Lala Kent — and their kids.

“Built in best friends for life,” she captioned the post. The new moms posed in their swimsuits with their babies on their hips and while most fans thought the pics were adorable many also pointed out that something — or rather someone — was missing.

As Scheana, Brittany and Lala enjoyed a fun day in the backyard with their kids, fans noticed that Stassi Schroeder wasn’t in any of the pics. Although all of the ladies have been known to hang out together, there seems to be something going on within the friend group that has Stassi on the outs.

Here’s what you need to know:

Several People Wondered Why Stassi Wasn’t Included in the ‘Best Friends’ Pic

Over the past year or so, the “Vanderpump Rules” crew — past and present — has spent a great amount of time together with their kids, whether out and about or at one of their houses. There have been birthday parties, cookouts, and all kinds of family-friendly events in which all of the babies have been together.

Given that information, it’s no surprise that shortly after Scheana’s pics were posted on Instagram, the “where’s Stassi?” comments started to roll in.

“Where is stassi?” one person asked. The question was echoed numerous times.

“No Stassi? Such cute babies!!!” another comment read.

“Yall missing 1. So cute,” a third Instagram user added.

“Someone’s missing,” someone else said.

“I wish so badly Stassi and Hartford were there,” a fifth person wrote.

Scheana and Brittany also discussed the fact that Stassi and Beau weren’t at the get together and admitted that it felt “weird.”

“It felt so weird to me that they weren’t there,” Brittany said on the July 1, 2022, episode of the Scheananigans podcast.

Brittany Admitted There’s a Rift

When Stassi and her husband Beau Clark traveled to Italy for their wedding in May 2022, they only had a handful of family and friends attend. Out of the “Vanderpump Rules” crew, only Stassi’s BFF Katie Maloney and her ex Tom Schwartz were in attendance.

After the wedding was over, fans noticed that Jax Taylor unfollowed Stassi on Instagram. A few weeks later, Brittany confirmed that there was a falling out.

“There’s some rifts going on right now. … With me and Stassi, there’s some things going on, which I hate. I love her to pieces. And I wish we could figure this out,” she said on the June 13, 2022, episode of the “Betches Moms” podcast.

Stassi also addressed the divide — and it has to do with her wedding.

“They are RSVP’d ‘yes.’ [And] whenever we were around them, they’re like, ‘We’re coming.’ Then it kept happening,” Stassi said on her own podcast, according to Us Weekly. Beau had received screenshots of texts from a mutual friend in which Jax made it clear that he and Brittany had no plans to travel to Italy for the couple’s nuptials.

“Good friends don’t do that. They don’t talk s*** about your wedding behind your back or pretend that they’re coming and give a list of reasons why they’re not coming to other people. Friends don’t do that to each other,” Stassi said.

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