Scheana Shay Faces Backlash for Emotional Confession About Scandoval

The cast of "Vanderpump Rules" season 11

Heavy/NBCUniversal The cast of "Vanderpump Rules" season 11

Scheana Shay has come under fire for some of her comments about Scandoval, made in December 2023 in episode three of “Bravo’s Hot Mic” podcast hosted by executive producer Alex Baskin.

In the episode, Shay opened up about the impact that Scandoval had on her, tearfully explaining, “I don’t know that Ariana [Madix] will ever understand how hard this was on me personally. It has been such a struggle to try and stay loyal while working on putting myself first.”

As “Vanderpump Rules” fans will know, Shay and Madix have been close friends for many years. However, the “Good as Gold” singer has also had a long friendship with Madix’s now ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval.

“I feel like this season that we just filmed it was trying to figure that out,” she explained of feeling torn between the two. “For me, personally trying to see, you know, do I just stay team Ariana and say f*** Tom forever? Do I try and work towards a path of forgiveness for me personally? Do I try to be his friend again? Is that being disloyal to her?”

“It was this whole inner struggle all season long where I’m like, I have things that I need to work through so I can sleep at night,” she continued emotionally. “So I can be a present mother… I feel like this is the first season where I’m like, I have to do what’s best for me first and hopefully everyone understands.”

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Scheana Shay Said the Affair Really Affected Her

During her conversation with Baskin, Shay said she was the most affected by Sandoval’s longtime affair with Raquel Leviss, apart from Madix. “But I’m not allowed to feel anything because it’s not about me, it’s all about her,” she continued. “I mean, I lost weight after this scandal, I was in court after this scandal, I was fighting rumors online about my own husband after this scandal. It really did a number on me that I don’t think a lot of people realize.”

Shay’s comments were in reference to the temporary restraining order filed against her by Leviss. In the filing, Leviss argued that Shay had been violent toward her after learning of the affair. As for the rumors concerning Shay’s husband Brock Davies, in the aftermath of the scandal, Shay denied the speculation that Leviss had ever pursued him.

After Bravo’s official Instagram account posted a clip of Shay’s comments about Scandoval, fans ripped the mother of one in the comments. “Scheana it’s not about you LOL,” someone wrote. “She is not a girls girl, she is a ME ME ME ME ME girl. A professional victim,” someone else said. “Woah! Imagine being cheated on after a 9-year relationship and your ‘friend’ sits down for an interview to discuss how difficult the affair was for HER,” someone else pointed out. “ZERO EMPATHY. How TONE DEAF can she be ?”

Scheana Shay Has Also Come Under Fire After the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 11 Trailer Showed a Secret Revealed

In addition to being in the hot seat over her comments about the scandal, Shay also caught heat from VPR fans after the season 11 extended trailer dropped on December 11. The trailer saw Tom Schwartz drop the bombshell that he and Shay had made out in the past in Las Vegas.

After the buried secret surfaced, Shay had difficult conversations with Schwartz’s ex-wife, Katie Maloney, as well as her own husband Brock Davies. In an Instagram comment after the trailer dropped, Shay said that she and Schwartz were supposed to take their secret to the grave.

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