Scheana Shay Gives Details on Scary Childbirth Experience

Scheana Shay

Getty Scheana Shay of Vanderpump Rules

Scheana Shay opened up about her difficult experience with childbirth. The  36-year-old “Vanderpump Rules” star, who gave birth to a baby girl, Summer Moon Honey Davies, on April 27, gave details on the serious pregnancy complication she suffered as she delivered her baby girl.

On her Scheananigans With Scheana Shay podcast, the new mom revealed that after she was induced at 40 weeks of pregnancy, her blood pressure skyrocketed and she was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome, a dangerous pregnancy complication.

“It ended up being amazing but it was really scary,” Scheana said of her childbirth experience.

Scheana Shay Gave Details On Her Scary Condition

Scheana revealed that after she was in the hospital for 24 hours, things took a “really scary turn” as her blood pressure spiked and she was told she had preeclampsia, which she didn’t know she had at all during her pregnancy.

“Basically my liver was struggling,” she said. “I was borderline about to have a stroke or a seizure.”

Scheana added that she was put on a magnesium drip that made her extremely tired and affected her baby in a similar way. “It made poor baby Summer so sleepy,” she said. “She had a low heart rate.”

Scheana ultimately delivered her daughter after pushing for 45 minutes. She also revealed that Summer came out “limp” and not screaming and that she was “terrified” that she delivered a stillborn baby.

“It was a lot of scares,” Scheana said of the experience. She described Summer as a “mag baby” as a result of the magnesium drip. Of her condition, Scheana said she is “lucky” she was induced and that doctors caught it when they did.

“It literally is a life-threatening disease, and it could have been fatal. It’s the second-highest cause of death in pregnant women,” she said, adding that she is still taking blood pressure medication.

Scheana admitted she is unsure if she will have another baby because she is at high risk for having HELLP syndrome again.

Scheana Shay’s Fans Were Worried When She Was in the Hospital

Just ahead of Summer’s birth, Scheana shared a teaser of her at Cedars Sinai Hospital and revealed she was in labor, but she then went off the grid for a few days after. Following baby Summer’s birth, the “Vanderpump Rules” star shared a photo to Instagram and revealed that she suffered serious complications when her blood pressure spiked.

“I was diagnosed with preeclampsia, which has now turned into HELLP syndrome,” she wrote at the time. “My doctor said I was lucky, and we caught this just in time to treat as it’s very unusual to be caught so late, in postpartum. Until this morning I was on a magnesium drip that made me extremely lethargic and flu-like, shivering uncontrollably to the point where I felt like I was seizing.”

Scheana also revealed that she was being monitored closely by her doctors for elevated liver enzymes and low blood platelets and that she would remain in the hospital for a prolonged stay.

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