Scheana Shay Slams Stassi Schroeder’s Email to Cut Wedding Guests

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Getty Stassi Schroeder and Scheana Shay.

Scheana Shay had a change of tune about former “Vanderpump Rules” star Stassi Schroeder’s move to cut multiple guests from her wedding celebration.

In May 2022, Schroeder finally had her European wedding to Beau Clark after multiple COVID-related setbacks, but she also cut the guest list down – and that meant cutting Shay from the list. An insider told Us Weekly, “Stassi had to cut down her guest list. Some of her family, friends and former costars, including Scheana, had to be disinvited.”

According to Page Six, Shay and other guests were cut from the guest list due to finances. “Scheana was originally supposed to go, but at some point she got disinvited,” an insider told the outlet. “All she knew was that it was for ‘budget reasons.’”

In addition, a source said longtime “Vanderpump Rules” star Tom Sandoval was also cut from the wedding list.  Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright were invited to Schroeder’s wedding in Italy, but canceled at the last minute.

Shay addressed the topic of Schroeder’s wedding on the July 1, 2022 episode of the “Scheananagins” podcast with guest Cartwright, and fans were stunned by her version of the story.

Scheana Shay Slammed the Way Stassi Schroeder Disinvited Her From the Wedding

On her podcast, Shay opened up about how she was disinvited from her longtime co-star’s nuptials and revealed that while she understood the move, she didn’t like how Schroeder did it. The “Good as Gold” singer revealed that Schroeder disinvited her, Tom Sandoval, and other friends via a “mass email.”

“I understand when you’ve gotta cut costs,” Shay said on her podcast. “So I understand her doing that. How she did it felt very impersonal to me and I feel like if I were to do that, even if it was a copy and paste text message, I would individually text each person that you love and care about that was invited to your original wedding.”

Shay revealed that when she first got the “mass email” meant for rejected guests, she “immediately” reached out to Schroeder.

“I was like, ‘Hey, I just got your email. Just know I understand. We’re struggling to figure out our own wedding right now.’” Shay said, referencing her own upcoming nuptials to Brock Davies. “So I just wanted her to feel a little better knowing that I understood. …But then the more I sat on it and the more I looked at it and the more people I talked to who got it and like, it just was so impersonal. … To not even get a personal message — and it was three weeks before the wedding.”

Shay also noted that Schroeder should have had more “compassion” towards Cartwright and Taylor after they decided not to travel to Italy for her wedding re-do two years after she legally tied the knot with Clark in a backyard ceremony doing the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Let’s point out the fact that you were at her wedding, her real wedding, her first wedding,” Shay said to Cartwright. “You were there. You helped plan. This is a second wedding celebration, out of the country.”

Shay also brought up the fact that Schroeder wrote about Cartwright’s pregnancy in her 2022 book,“Off With My Head: The Definitive Basic B*** Handbook to Surviving Rock Bottom.”

On social media, some fans called out Shay for talking smack about Schroeder on her podcast.

“You are throwing sooooo much wood to the fire in the Stassi wedding situation, that it feels like you’re just trying to stir the pot and make Stassi look bad,” one commenter wrote to Shay on Instagram.

“You kept attacking Stassi during the whole episode! Bringing up the book thing was so uncalled for!” another wrote.

“All she did was slam Stassi on every single topic! Like, we get you’re butt hurt because you weren’t invited to the wedding, but, wanting to turn the whole episode into a bash Stassi fest was just foul!” another chimed in.

“Scheana still hating. You can hear the jealousy in this podcast. You’re too old for this girl. Brittany you should not be on this. Doesn’t look good ladies,” another added.

Others criticized Shay for talking about Schroeder after the former VPR star praised Shay for how she handled the wedding invite change.

“I’m so upset at how you handled your ‘interview’ by talking major s*** on Stassi after she talked so highly of you on her podcast,” another wrote. “You tried every chance you could get to throw jabs at her left and right … You were making rude accusations and speaking so poorly of her … Stassi spoke so highly of you and let everyone know there was no beef between the two of you and how you handled yourself so well from being disinvited – but clearly you were being fake about that. It was disgusting.”

“So weird. Stassi specifically went out of her way to compliment how gracious Scheana was on the disinvite and that they had no beef,” another agreed.

Stassi Schroeder Previously Said Scheana Shay Had No Problem With How Things Went Down

Stassi Schroeder

GettyVanderpump Rules alum Stassi Schroeder.

During a June 2002 episode of her own podcast, The Good, the Bad, and the Baby, Schroeder addressed how she was forced to cut down her guest list, and noted that Shay was totally fine with how it all went down.

“When we sent out an email to everyone who had originally been invited two years ago… being like, ‘You guys, we can’t have the wedding that we thought we were gonna have. I’m sorry, we’re just doing something smaller and more intimate. We still love you and thank you for being part of our lives,’ Scheana responded with one of the like nicest, she was one of the main people that gave me a really nice response back,” Schroeder told fans, per Reality Blurb. “[She] was like, ‘Oh my gosh, don’t even worry about this.”

Schroeder called Shay’s response “very thoughtful and nice.” “Scheana and I are fine,” she added. “She was so kind about the response, there were no issues, she understood.”

“A lot has gone down in two years and I’m not as close to certain people as I was back then,” the former “Vanderpump Rules” star added, in reference to her original October 2020 wedding date. “So when I’m narrowing down a guest list, what we were focusing on is who are the 35 people who have been the closest to us in the last two years, who we talk to the most, who are in our lives, who we see.”

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