Scheana Shay Ripped by Fans Over ‘Disturbing’ Move

Scheana Shay

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“Vanderpump Rules” star Scheana Shay is one of many celebrities and reality stars who have created Instagram accounts for their babies and posted photos and built followings for their little ones. Shay and fiance Brock Davies’ one-year-old baby Summer Moon Honey is currently verified on Instagram and has 126,000 followers.

On July 20, Shay posted a series of photos of herself and Davies at the grand opening of Schwartz and Sandy’s lounge, captioning the post, “Y’all @schwartzandsandys is such a VIBE! SO proud of Tom & Tom on everything they’ve created with this lounge!”

Among the post’s many comments, people soon noticed one from Summer that said, “MOM AND DAD” with an eye heart emoji and fans were quick to rip Shay for commenting as Summer on the post. Here is the post:

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Shay Was Ridiculed by Fans for What They Said Was ‘Unhinged Behavior’

A screenshot of Shay’s comment as Summer on her post was shared on Reddit with the thread title, “Maybe I’m late to the party, but just saw Jancan comments to herself as her own baby on her IG Do we think she’ll reply to ‘the baby’ too?”

Someone commented, “Poor Summer. This is unhinged behavior.” Another agreed, “Truly unhinged behavior.” One person wrote, “It’s like she’s creating a personality for Summer while Summer is simultaneously actually developing her real personality.” Someone wrote, “My face is on fire from the second hand embarrassment.”

One person commented, “These baby accounts pretending as if babies write are right behind in the weirdness of pet accounts where owners write pretending to be their pets.”

One person wrote, “Well that’s disturbing.” Someone else said it was “so cringe” while another added, “Major cringe.” One person wrote, “I’ve seen a LOT of people who have social media accounts for their kid do this and it is stupid as f***.” One commenter wrote, “Accounts for non consenting people including children and babies need to be BANNED.”

The move also got criticism on Instagram in replies to Summer Moon’s comment, where one person said, “I can’t believe Scheana went out of her way to switch to her baby’s account to comment this on her own post.” Someone else said, “I dunno but I’m pretty sure I just cringed enough for ALL the cringers at this post…”

Shay Previously Addressed Some Fans’ Concerns With Having So Much Content About Her Baby on Social Media

In the past, Shay has hit back at comments and concerns from people who thought she was putting too much content about her baby on the internet. In February 2022, someone wrote on Twitter, “you know I rock with you and only ask this out of concern: do you ever worry who may be following Summer Moon on Insta? So many creepers out there that troll social media for all the wrong reasons ya know?”

Shay replied, “Honestly, no. I’m a public figure. I can’t even think that way. I worry about enough other stuff daily.” The response generated some criticism from VPR fans who said Shay was choosing to make her daughter a public figure without Summer’s consent. Several people pointed out other celebrities who have gone the opposite way and chosen to hide their children’s faces from social media.

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