Fans React to ‘Insane’ Changed Feature on Scheana Shay’s Face

Getty Images Fans are concerned about Scheana Shay's long nails.

Fans noticed something on “Vanderpump Rules” star Scheana Shay’s face has changed.

Shay posted a promotional video demonstrating a new product on Friday, June 10 and fans noticed the size of her mouth has gotten bigger.

It prompted a Reddit thread titled, “Scheana’s mouth looks insane. I know basically everyone in the cast has had work done but she looks really, really different than S1” where fans discussed what might have happened. 

Here’s everything you need to know:

Fans Think Scheana Shay ‘Looks Scary’ & ‘Doesn’t Look Like a Human’

“Black Hole Sun lol,” someone commented cracking a joke about the 90s hit song where people in the music video have distorted faces.

“Honest to God, she looks SCARY to me!!! Her face looks sucked in like the alien emoji. Her eyes look humongous for her face now, her lips and teeth are huge and fake. Her expressions are stiff,” someone commented. “God what the hell did this girl do to herself.”

“Oh man. It’s that point where you know they’ve lost touch with what normal humans look like and just need to match the other LA globs,” someone said.

“She looks super carroonish all around. Does she think this is a good look?” a fan wrote.

“Scheana’s everything looks different to me. I almost feel like she doesn’t look like a human sometimes ??” someone said.

“When you shrink your head, shave your jaw and nose down to the nub, and enlarge your mouth… looking good Scheana! I’m very scared!” a fan commented.

“Whatever look she is going for isn’t working, imo. It looks like it’s painful for her to talk,” someone wrote.

“I know she’s almost unrecognizable,” a fan said. “I’m doing a rewatch and it’s crazy.”

“Love how she is emphasizing natural ingredients- when her entire face is fake,” a fan pointed out. 

“I’m waiting for her jaw to unhinge and swallow the whole bottle in one gulp,” someone wrote.

“It’s even worse when you pause the video and catch her mid-expression. Wow what a doozy she is doing to her face,” someone wrote.

“I try to never comment on anybody’s appearance or the personal choices they make regarding that, but it makes me really sad sometimes to see people do this to themselves,” a fan wrote. “Brittany, Scheana, Lala, etc were all so naturally beautiful when we first saw them in the show and I know it’s a significant part of the culture that surrounds them, but it’s just so strange to see them age themselves like that. They’re all so young and attractive and have more money and resources than the average person to take proper care of themselves. And seriously, I do understand, it can’t be easy to feel secure with yourself when your entire life is broadcast on Bravo, but the fact that they ever felt that pressure to entirely change their faces is saddening.”

Some fans offered potential explanations for the mouth size.

“There has to be a filter,” a fan said.

“Did she get her veneers redone? That widened Kristen’s mouth drastically,” someone asked.

“Is she doing what Bethenny did? Botox in the jaw muscle?” a fan asked.

“Maybe that threading in the cheek? Chic is weird anyway,” someone else suggested.

Scheana Shay Showed off Her New Lip Injections on Her Instagram Story ‘No Filter, Just New Lips’

On May 27, 2022, Shay posted a video of herself getting new lip injections.

“Freshly filled! Thank you @theneckdoctor I feel SO good!!!” Shay wrote on a second Instagram Story, this time a selfie.

The fillers were done, in part, because she was done breastfeeding, according to yet another Instagram Story video.

“No filter, just new lips!” she says in the video. “And I’m done breastfeeding. The doctor wanted me to point that out, so this was all OK to do.”

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