Who Gets Fired on ‘Below Deck’ This Season?

NBCUMV The newest season of "Below Deck" is airing on Bravo now.

If you’re a Below Deck fan, you know it’s rare that the entire original cast makes it through the whole season. The newest season is only six episodes in, and deckhand Avery Russell already left the superyacht before the first charter for a family emergency.

Russell’s absence left Bosun Eddie Lucas one deckhand short. Stewardess Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters steps in to take his place, but Lucas still finds himself dealing with the younger and inexperienced deckhand Shane Coppersmith. Coopersmith is a recent graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.

Chief Stewardess Francesca Rubi also struggles with stewardess Elizabeth Frankini. Rubi has aired her concerns about how she feels like Frankini has been slacking off with her stewardess responsibilities. Both Coopersmith and Frankini’s jobs are at risk on the latest episode of Below Deck.

Shane Coopersmith Gets Fired

Since Coopersmith has climbed aboard the superyacht, he has found himself in a few troubling situations. So far, he has shown up late to work, slept in, gone for a shirtless swim during a charter, has taken a nap while he was supposed to be working on deck, and talked back to Lucas.

Coopersmith’s time on deck comes to an end on the newest episode of Below Deck. The episode shows Coopersmith having a disciplinary conversation with Lucas and Captain Lee Rosbach. Captain Lee makes the decision to fire Coopersmith after one too many mistakes.

“I fear this will, pass, at least one way or the other, possibly for a few of the crew,” Captain Lee wrote about Coopersmith in a blog post on December 8. I feel that there may be a “come to Jesus meeting” in the not-too-distant future. It’s not fair for a few to carry the whole load when the load should be shared by all.”

Chef Rachel Hargrove Quits

After a day of firing, toxic chemical combinations, and cleaning, Captain Lee sits down with the heads of each department to cover the next charter. Captain Lee goes over the guest’s preference sheet, and Hargrove immediately became overwhelmed.

The preference sheet listed request after request, and Hargrove decided it wasn’t for her. She tells Captain Lee she’s quitting, and he needs to find a new chef. Captain Lee then asks her if she can stick it out for the first day of the charter, and she says she needs to leave. The episode vaguely ends as Captain Lee confesses they might have to cancel the charter with no chef, one deckhand short, and two arguing stewardesses.

Stewardess Tensions Escalate

Chief Stewardess Rubi and stewardess Frankini have been having issues since the first charter. On the latest episode of Below Deck, Frankini makes a critical mistake. After a drunken night out, the crew begins preparing for the newest charter when the interior staff begins to feel dizzy.

Rubi notices that all three stews and the chef are dizzy and it looks hazy, so she calls down the interior to investigate. The engineer determines that someone in the interior mixed bleached with soap. The combination created a toxic gas that that turned into mustard gas used in World War II, according to the engineer.

The dangerous mixture was the last straw for Rubi, and she brings up her frustrations with Captain Lee. Since Captain Lee had already fired one crew member that charter, he asks Rubi to try and manage along. The two have a conversation, and both explain they don’t enjoy working with each other.

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