EXCLUSIVE: Shep Rose Reveals Which Southern Charmer May Be ‘Pissed’ With His Book

Shep Rose

NBCUMV Shep Rose from Southern Charm

Southern Charm star Shep Rose is telling all in his new memoir. Rose can add author to his résumé, as his book titled Average Expectations: Lessons in Lowering the Bar which dropped Tuesday, March 16.

The memoir covers everything from crazy travel stories to Southern Charm lessons to relationship advice to little Craig, and everything in between. Rose caught up with Heavy and dished on his book, and which one of his friends may not be so happy about it.

“Craig [Conover] is going to probably be pissed or something,” Rose joked with Heavy on Tuesday, March 9. “But it won’t last, because he doesn’t stay pissed and neither do I.”

Rose assured us that he still loves and admires his close friend. “But yeah I think he has come a long way, and he’s going to deny some of the earlier transgressions earlier on in the show but he can’t though, we all know the truth,” Rose laughed. “But he’s come a long way, and I’m very happy for him and proud of him…I think that there’s a healthy respect; there wasn’t always, but there is now.”

Rose Dished Who He Was ‘Scared’ to Have Read His Book

Conover isn’t the only one of Rose’s friends who may have thought twice about reading Average Expectations.

“I’m more interested in friend’s and family’s opinions more than anybody else’s,” Rose told Heavy. “Mom and dad really liked it. They sent me a very nice message separately, and it meant a lot to me. So I’m very pleased about that, because that’s who I was scared about.”

Rose clarified noting, “Not scared, just like okay, in certain moments in the book ya know, whether it be some drug use or this or that or insanity, I was like, ‘Oh, they’re not going to like that,’ but they’re not idiots ya know. They know I’ve lived a wild life and part of their message to me was, ‘I’m so glad I didn’t know the details, because I probably would’ve had a heart attack.'”

The 40-year-old author added, “But credit to them for cultivating that adventurous spirit into me, and so I think I was probably born with a screw loose in a positive … But they let me go and be the free spirit that I am, and it means the world.”

Rose’s Girlfriend May Also Have Some Trouble Reading It

Rose told Heavy, “I really don’t have a bad thing to say about many people at all in this world, so I take pride in that.” His book is mostly filled with goofy stories and positive anecdotes of his friends, but that doesn’t mean it’s fun for everyone to read.

Rose shared that his serious girlfriend, Taylor Ann Green, picked up the book one night after a, “wine-filled dinner.” Green happened to read an excerpt where Rose described his brief romance with Southern Charm costar Kathryn Dennis. “I thought I was respectful, but she didn’t like it,” he told Heavy.

He added, “She’s being coy about her desire to read the book, but I get on her case about it all the time. I’m like, ‘Taylor all these things happened a long time ago,’ and she’s like, ‘I know, I know it’s just hard to read.’ I was like, ‘I understand that, I understand that’… So I hope that she reads it and gets whatever frustrations or what have you out of her system and sail on.”

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