Shep Rose’s Cheating Scandal With Girlfriend Taylor Ann Green

NBCUMV Shep Rose from "Southern Charm" has been dating Taylor Ann Green since earlier this year.

Southern Charm’s Shep Rose has been a notorious playboy over the years, but he has since settled down. Rose began dating girlfriend Taylor Ann Green in early 2020, so the two are coming around to the one-year mark.

Shortly after dating, COVID-19 hit and even helped the couple get closer. “We were dating for a few months and then quarantine happened, so we basically became like a married couple after like three months,” Rose told E! in late October. “It was a shock to the system, no doubt about it.”

But things take a turn during the Southern Charm reunion airing Thursday, January 28. In a preview for the reunion, host Andy Cohen asks Rose, “Shep have you been faithful to her,” and cast member Madison LeCroy instantly starts laughing. Craig Conover chimes in saying, “Just be truthful on this stage.” Austen Kroll agrees telling him, “Shep get it the f*** out there and just be done with it.”

Rose then admits, “We’ve had a few hiccups, there was some text messages,” but before Rose can finish, Conover says, “You made out with a girl, you made out with her.” Rose continues saying, “No, I kissed a girl in a stairwell, that’s all it was.” Conover adds, “I would break up with you, I would break up with you,” to which Rose replies, “Okay cool, I hope that you would, because I don’t want to date you.”

Rose then confessed he was unfaithful to Green. “So yeah, it was an old flame, and we were texting like, ‘ooo tomorrow night,’ and nothing ever came of it,” he told Cohen. “It was a moment of weakness, it was drinking, but that’s all it was, and I’ll go to my grave knowing that that’s true.”

Kroll Referred to the Aftermath as ‘Fantastic’

After Rose confessed that he had a “moment of weakness,” Kroll chimed in and gave his two cents on how the situation changed Rose for the better. “But then what happened from that Shep is, in my opinion, fantastic, because you took an honest look at yourself and said, do I really want to be in a relationship or do I want to be with this person that I really really care for,” Kroll said on a preview for the reunion.

Fellow Southern Charm cast member Leva Bonaparte interrupted Kroll and said, “Y’all really romanticize cheating.” Kroll, Rose, and John Pringle all simultaneously denied the claim. LeCroy chimed in saying, “No, they’re okay to do it, but I can’t do anything, let’s make that very clear.”

Conover then agreed with Bonaparte saying, “You are right though Leva, he did just romanticize it.” Rose ended the disagreement chiming in, “No, I was there, she goes, ‘look, I hate what happened, and it hurt me a lot. However, I’d like to stay with you, I’m in love with you, you make me happy,’ and we cried, and it was like a big deal.”

Rose Addressed if Green Has Cheated on Him

On the other hand, Cohen then asked Rose, “Has Taylor been faithful to you?” Rose, without hesitation, replied, “Yeah, I think, i think.”

Pringle turned the tables around on him and asked his college buddy, “Had she played tonsil hockey in a stairwell with an old flame would you..?” Rose responded, ” I would be like, ‘well let’s talk about that, ya know,’ what I mean, I wouldn’t fly off the handle, and I would want to stay with her.”

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