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Southern Charm star Shep Rose isn’t afraid to share a piece of his mind. Rose recently clapped back at a Twitter troll about his political stance.

A fan tweeted at Rose, “eww I didn’t realize shep became some sort of ultra liberal. Too much time around Leva [Bonaparte]. Even for this NYer his tweets are too extreme for me. Unfollowing.” Rose retweeted the tweet and added the caption, “In addition to unfollowing…can you also f*ck off?”

Another follower replied to Rose’s tweet, “I don’t share your political views Shep, but I find you entertaining and a delight to watch. I also don’t agree with 1/2 the stuff you post but still like you. See what I did there? I disagree but still like you for the human being you are. We should all try it.”

Rose agreed with the Twitter user and added that debating politics over social media can get complicated. “Makes sense to me,” Rose replied. “Face to face i find almost everyone to be nice and normal. It’s this keyboard that turns folks into ingrates. (Me included).”

Rose Hasn’t Been Afraid to Speak His Mind on Twitter

This is not the first time when Rose has voiced his opinions on social media. Late last year, Rose got into it with his former Southern Charm cast member Thomas Ravenel.

Rose – a current Southern Charm cast member – has vocally supported the Democratic Party and Presidential Candidate Joe Biden. On the other hand, Ravenel – who was fired before season 6 of Southern Charm – has publicly supported the Republican Party and President Donald Trump.

Ravenel tweeted a now-deleted post saying that Trump is, “fighting his a** off to save the American dream,” on October 20.

Rose responded to the tweet writing, “Good to see you using your degree from trump university! You know. The American Dream he sold to people then had to settle for 25 mill for bilking a bunch of people. But at least he has his charity. Wait a sec. he stole from that as well and had to pay 2 mill. #Conman”

Rose was referencing the Trump Organization’s real estate training program that ended in 2010. The U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel declared the university was fraudulent in 2018 when Trump and the former students finalized a $25 million settlement, according to USA Today.

The 40-year-old Southern Charm star also mentioned Trump’s order to pay $2 million to eight different charities, “for illegally misusing charitable funds at the Trump Foundation for political purposes,” in December 2019, the New York Attorney General’s office said in a press release at the time, according to People. The Trump Foundation was also ordered to shut down.

Ravenel responded to the tweet writing, “Child’s play compared to the Biden Family Criminal Enterprise. Below someone’s recommending we do a political point/counterpoint show. Lol.”

Ravenel Previously Shaded Rose

In September, Rose tweeted a political statement writing, “Every trump supporting woman on twitter looks like they secretly think “he’s rich! I wish he grabbed me by the p****, maybe i could get a ride on his private jet, i bet it’s got all the Mountain Dew you can drink on there. And maybe some spaghettios.””

The Reality TV Bliss Twitter account took a screenshot of Rose’s tweet and added the caption, “Shep degrading women. Is anyone surprised? He needs help #SouthernCharm.” In a since-deleted tweet, Ravenel retweeted the tweet on November 3 and added the caption, “Damn!”

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