Fans Drag Southern Charm Star for ‘Disturbing’ Comments

Southern Charm cast photo

Bravo Southern Charm cast photo

The 10th episode of “Southern Charm” season 8 was an eventful one as the cast trip to Auldbrass continued and several relationships took a hit.

One of the most talked-about moments in the episode came when Shep Rose got angry with his girlfriend Taylor Ann Green and cursed at her in front of everyone and the “Southern Charm” OG was eviscerated on social media afterward. It all started when the cast played a game of egg toss and Rose’s egg fell on the ground without breaking. Thinking that meant they were out of the competition, Green stepped on the egg and broke it, prompting Rose to lash out at her and call her a “f****** idiot.”

Green’s friend Olivia Flowers immediately called out Rose for his comment and threw her egg at him, causing it to break on his shirt. Rose retaliated right away by throwing his own egg back at her. “Don’t call your girlfriend an idiot, I’ll do it again,” Flowers told him and Rose replied, “If she f**** with my game, I’ll say it again.” An enraged Rose then said, “She’s an opponent of mine, I’ll say whatever I want.” As Naomie Olindo told him that Green’s also his girlfriend, Rose added, “You’re lucky I said ‘f****** idiot,’ I should’ve said something worse.”

Green walked away with Olindo as the latter said, “He can’t talk to you like that. That is insane. That is, like, abusive as f***.” Rose, meanwhile, yelled out, “The wussification of America continues.” The episode ended with Rose eventually apologizing to a tearful Green but fans didn’t let the Bravo star off the hook for his behavior and put him on blast on social media.

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Rose Was Ripped on Social Media for His Behavior, With Many Accusing Him of ‘Abuse’

Fans ripped into Rose on social media across platforms, with someone writing on Reddit, “Shep thinks that because he is allowed to curse out family members that it’s all okay. What a douche… I hope his mother is watching this and is mortified.” Another agreed, “When he threw the egg at Olivia and hit her so hard she said it hurt, that’s inexcusable behavior… I don’t know where this show is going, but this is awful.”

In another Reddit thread, someone said, “My mother always told me to watch the way a man treats his mother bc that’s the way he will treat his wife/significant other.” Another said, “He sounded like such an entitled, spoiled brat in that moment. Wtf. So cringe.” Many people said Rose was reminding them of Thomas Ravenel, including someone who wrote, “Shep reminded me of TRav on the ferry. so gross.” Another agreed, “F****** horrifying is what it was.” Someone else said it was, “Straight up disturbing.”

One person wrote on Reddit, “Shep being verbally abusive on tv says he’s comfortable with that shit and I wouldn’t be surprised if more abuse was going on behind closed doors.” Another wrote, “he speaks to his mom this way? He hates women 100%.” Someone commented, “Shep is such a classless piece of trash.” Another wrote, “Shep is so f****** gross.” Someone said, “Bragging about cursing at your mom.”

Rose was also blasted on Twitter, as someone said, “The fact Shep is mad that Taylor is upset is textbook narcisstic abuse. I am over Shep.” Another person said, “He needs to be put on pause if this show is renewed. I don’t need to watch a women being abused on national TV.” Someone called Rose’s behavior “textbook narcissistic abuse… we are literally watching a woman being abused.”

Heavy reached out to Rose’s team for a comment.

Rose & Green Announced Their Split a Month Ago as the Show Was Airing

Rose and Green broke up in July 2022 after dating for two years and according to People, the split was due to Rose’s “real issue with monogamy.” The publication wrote that a source shared, “Shep has a real issue with monogamy and refused to commit to Taylor, telling her that he doesn’t want to be with just one person and change his lifestyle.”

The “Southern Charm” stars have discussed their relationship this season of the hit Bravo show, with Green wondering if Rose would be able to commit completely, especially after she had a pregnancy scare. Rose, on the other hand, was adamant that he doesn’t want to settle down.

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