Southern Charm Fans Confused by Season 8 Cast Photo

Southern Charm Season 8 cast

Bravo Southern Charm Season 8 main cast photo.

“Southern Charm” will soon be back for its eighth season, but the cast will look a little different this time around. The season 8 trailer and cast photos were just released and they featured both new and familiar faces.

The Bravo reality show about a Charleston-based friend group will still feature stars Craig Conover, Kathryn Dennis, Austen Kroll, Leva Bonaparte, and Shep Rose, with the return of former star Naomie Olindo, who sat out season 7.

Venita Aspen and Taylor Ann Green are also on the revamped cast, along with newcomers Olivia Flowers, Marcie Hobbs, and Chleb Ravenell. Patricia Altschul, Whitney Sudler-Smith, and John Pringle will also make guest appearances on the show, according to People.

But what about Madison LeCroy, Kroll’s ex who was under fire during the explosive season 7 reunion in 2021?

Fans Reacted to the Season 8 Cast Photos & Noticed That Someone Was Missing

Madison LeCroy

BravoMadison LeCroy

Fans were confused as the “Southern Charm” cast photo was released by Bravo. In the pic, 10 cast members were featured: Conover, Dennis, Kroll, Bonaparte, Rose, Olindo, Aspen, Green, Flowers, and Ravenell. Many fans wondered why LeCroy, who has been on the show since 2015 and a main cast member since 2020, was not in the official cast photo.

“Where’s the whole reason I even watch….. MADISON????” one fan asked in the comment section.

“Are John and Madison no longer in the main cast?” another wanted to know.

“I remember reading that Naomi was only part-time but now she’s in the cast photo. So maybe they demoted Madison and promoted Naomi?!?” another speculated.

“Madison gets demoted but we get Kathryn’s boyfriend???????” another asked, in reference to Ravenell.

LeCroy did appear in separate “Southern Charm” cast photos that Bravo posted. According to People, LeCroy’s “bio” for the upcoming season states that she is “busy planning her wedding and splitting time between South Carolina and California. High off the success of her Charleston-based salon, Madison refuses to let resentful exes rain on her parade.”

Madison LeCroy Said She Didn’t Want to Put Her Son & Fiancé on TV


Less than a year after confirming her split from Kroll, LeCroy got engaged to her new love Brett Randle. Amid their wedding planning, the couple recently bought a house together in Charleston. LeCroy also has a 9-year-old son, Hudson, from her first marriage to her ex, Josh Hughes.

Internet rumors teased that LeCroy did not want her son or her fiancé to appear on “Southern Charm” because she didn’t want it to ruin their family life, and that the demotion was a punishment for not sharing her entire life with Bravo’s cameras.

During an Instagram Live in early 2022, LeCroy did confirm that her new man would not be shown on camera. “My fiancé will not be on ‘Southern Charm,’” she said in January, per Reality Blurb. “I hate to say that. But you know, it’s just not his thing. And not only that, but I want this to work.  think that keeping that private was the best decision that I made.”

“And I love him so much, and I hate that if people were mean to him, I would go bats*** crazy,” she added. “So we’re just going to avoid that and keep our love to ourselves. And not have the input of all the haters on there telling me what to do in my relationship.”

She also confirmed that none of her “Southern Charm” castmates will be invited to her wedding because she’s planning to only have family there.

“Southern Charm” season 8  premieres on Thursday, June 23 on Bravo.

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