Stassi Schroeder Opens Up About Her Postpartum Body

Stassi Schroeder

Getty Stassi Schroeder in 2019

In a recent Instagram post, new mom and former Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder is opening up about her postpartum body struggles.

In the photo, Schroeder posed for her signature OOTD, sporting a trendy black shirt jacket and a pair of black jeans. “1st postpartum OOTD- I don’t know who needs to hear this but it’s been 7 weeks since I gave birth and my maternity jeans are still the only ones that fit me,” Schroeder wrote in the caption. “I’m also wearing spanx to hold in what looks like a 4 month pregnant belly. I thought it would be way easier to bounce back, and everyday I wake up like a kid on Christmas morning hoping that when I look in the mirror, I’m going to see my pre-pregnant body once again and that obvs never happens.”

Schroeder continued, writing, “But also how f***ed up is it that I’m so obsessed with bouncing back when my body has just made, housed, and delivered a baby? My body issues consume my thoughts about 97% of the day, and it is a major hole I struggle to dig myself out of. We’re told we have to eat enough calories to breastfeed but don’t overdo it because then we won’t get our bodies back. All the while I’m trying to stay mentally and emotionally healthy for my baby, my husband and myself… I also feel like an a**hole for complaining about my body when I was given the most perfect baby. Totally wish I wasn’t so vain, but unfortunately, I am. All I can say is thank the lord shirt jackets are in. Hope this helped at least one other postpartum mama feel a little less alone today.”

In January, Schroeder welcomed her first child, Hartford Charlie Rose Clark, with her husband, Beau Clark.

Many Bravo Stars Showed Stassi Schroeder Support in the Comments

Even though Schroeder may be struggling right now, it looks like she has plenty of other Bravo mamas in her corner. “You look beautiful,” Real Housewives of Dallas star Stephanie Hollman wrote in the comment section. “Give yourself a break because it takes time to feel like yourself again. Just enjoy this moment with your sweet girl because it goes by so fast.”

Former Summer House star Ashley Wirkus also showed the star support, writing that she was feeling similarly. “Stassi I so relate to you and I still struggle with my post baby body today.” Wirkus wrote. “I have learned more and more everyday to just accept and know not everyone just bounces back. I have extra weight & stretch marks covering my lower stomach and have to remind myself of the gift of life I created and just learn to love all the changes. It’s so hard but I am right there with you trying to learn how to give more grace.”

Stassi Schroeder Has Opened up About Her Pregnancy on Instagram Before

This isn’t the first time that Schroeder has opened up about her pregnancy and motherhood journey on her Instagram page. In late December, right before she was due, Schroeder posted an emotional Instagram story in which she revealed that she “didn’t feel like herself,” as captured by Heavy.

“Real talk- pregnancy is hard.” Schroeder wrote at the time. “I don’t feel like myself. I don’t feel attractive. I feel like I’m only good for making a baby. I feel like I have zero control over anything. I’m uncomfortable and it’s painful to move around And my emotions are so all over the place, I feel insane. I’ve received lots of dm’s from people telling me I complain too much and should shut up and just be thankful I’m pregnant.”

However, although Schroeder has struggled, it doesn’t mean that she isn’t thankful for her little girl. “I’ve never been more thankful for anything,” the former Vanderump Rules star added. “Being a mother was my biggest dream and I can’t wait to meet my daughter.”

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