Stassi Schroeder Shares Details About Devastating Loss

Stassi Schroeder.

Heavy/Getty Stassi Schroeder.

Former “Vanderpump Rules” star Stassi Schroeder is opening up about the death of her stepfather, Lance Czermak, who passed away in early June 2024. 

Schroeder shared she wanted to address the passing of Czermak, the father of her younger brother, Nikolai Czermak, 19, during the June 12 episode of her podcast, “Stassi.” She suggested that Czermak’s death was unexpected. 

“He got sick a month ago. And then he had his surgery last week. And then we thought he was going to be fine. Because the surgery went well. And then it took a turn for the worse,” said Schroeder. 

Schroeder stated she visited Czermak, who was married to her mother, Dayna Schroeder Wyland until 2018, before his passing. She shared that she regretted not getting to the hospital sooner, as he was unconscious by the time she arrived.

“I didn’t get there in time to, like, have a proper conversation. I think I was 10 minutes too late,” said the reality television personality. 

The mother of two then shared that she wished she had been able to let Czermak know how much he meant to her, her husband, Beau Clark, and their children, Hartford and Messer. 

“I just wish I could have said ‘You were the [expletive] best stepdad. You’ve made me feel so loved. And so cared for,'” said Schroeder. “And you’ve made my kids feel so loved and cared for. You’ve made my husband feel loved and cared for. And you were literally supposed to be here for 30 more years. Like what the [expletive]? It’s so unfair. And then what? We go about our day.'”

Stassi Schroeder Shared She Was Having Difficulty Expressing Grief While Taking Care of Her Children

While recording her June 2024 podcast episode, Schroeder shared she has had difficulty expressing grief, due to her responsibilities as a parent.

I can’t sit and sob in front my kids all day long. I have to actually do things with them,” said Schroeder. 

She also stated that she feels “gross” for going about her life following the loss of Czermak. The mother of two shared that she has experienced feelings of sadness, anger, and guilt after her stepfather’s passing.

“He was my stepdad since I was — I met him at 9 — and so since I was 10. That’s 25 years. He’s my second dad,” said Schroeder. 

Stassi Schroeder’s Brother Paid Tribute to His Father

Nikolai uploaded an Instagram post as a tribute to his late father.

“To the strongest man I’ve ever met in my life. Dad, you were my world. Thank you for absolutely everything you’ve done for me and I’m glad I got to spend every last moment with you. You truly are the best father anyone could ever ask for. Thank you for everything. Rest in peace best friend❤️,” wrote the 19-year-old in the June 7 post’s caption.

Schroeder left a comment on her brother’s Instagram upload.

“There are no words to describe just how special he was,wrote the Bravo personality.

Stassi Schroeder’s Mother Mentioned Her Ex-Husband’s Passing

Wyland mentioned Czermak’s death in a June 9 Instagram post in celebration of her brother’s birthday. In the caption of the post, Wyland stated that the passing of her ex-husband made her think about her parent’s death and how it affected her brother. 

“Happy birthday baby brother….after everything we went through this past week losing Lance and Nikolai being just 19 losing his Dad, I’ve been reflecting alot [sic] on our parents and losing them at such a young age,” read a portion of the post’s caption. “I forget you sometimes you were five years younger than me and that you missed out on those extra five years I had with Mom and Dad. You were just a young teenager. It makes me so sad for you that you had to grow up so quick and all alone since I married young and moved to New Orleans.”

She also wrote that her brother “had to fight for everything in this world.”

“You have always always [sic] been there for me, I know you’d fight tigers and lions for me….we’re the last of us apart from my children and grandchildren,” continued Wyland.