‘Summer House’ Star Gives Update on Relationship With Costar

The cast of Bravo's Summer House

Bravo Pictured:(l-r) Ciara Miller, Luke Gulbranson, Paige DeSorbo, Danielle Olivera, Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, Hannah Berner, Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula

Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard opened up about her relationship with her costar Hannah Berner.

The Hamptons roomies had an awkward reunion on the Season 5 premiere of the Bravo reality show. After a chilly hello,  the two sat down to hash things out, and Berner accused Hubbard of being “fake” with her.

In a new interview, Hubbard, 34, denied that she was cold to Berner when they first reunited in their new Hamptons digs to film the reality show last summer. Instead, she said she considers Berner to be like a sister to her.

Lindsay Hubbard Said She Was ‘Hesitant’ To See Hannah After the Podcast Host Talked About Her Behind Her Back

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hubbard denied Berner’s claim that she gave her a “very cold hello” when they moved into their new Hamptons pad last summer. Hubbard said she was “hesitant,” not intentionally cold.

“You know, I do have feelings,” the Summer House veteran said.  “I am a human and they get hurt. … I have a very sisterly relationship with Hannah, you know? I really do.”

But she hinted that her relationship with Berner is not consistent, based on her costar’s off-camera actions.

“I need consistency,” she said. “I don’t have ‘summertime friends’ and ‘wintertime friends.’ Otherwise, why are you in my life?”

Hubbard also noted she is a “direct and straightforward” person.

“I hold people accountable for when they do things wrong,” Hubbard noted. “[That] doesn’t make me mean or scary. I think it’s actually meaner when people talk crap about you behind your back and they’re a different way to your face.”

Lindsay & Hannah’s Off-Camera Drama Included a Podcast Comment & a New Year’s Eve Diss

Hubbard and Berner’s beef dates back to a podcast mention that took place in 2019. On the Summer House premiere, Hubbard accused her roommate of “talking s–t” about her on podcasts. In a flashback clip, Berner was seen saying that she felt like Hubbard had been treating her like a “minion,” per  Bravo.

Hubbard went on to invite Berner’s sometime-boyfriend, Luke Gulbranson, to a  VIP New Year’s Eve party in Times Square with the rest of the Summer House cast, sans Berner.

Berner later claimed that Hubbard tried to sabotage her relationship with Gulbranson by trying to get him to hook up with her friend Danielle Olivera at the party.

On an episode of Watch What Happens Live, Berner said her “minion” comment was taken out of context and that Hubbard used it to make her feel like “crap.”

“I was promoting my first season [of Summer House], and it was a sentence that I said, ‘Now we’re great friends, and I realized it takes her a while to trust people,’” she said on WWHL.

She also said Gulbranson thought it was “weird” that everyone was invited to the New Year’s Eve party except for her.

As for the rumors that she tried to get Gulbranson to hook up with her friend, Hubbard told ET that Olivera was interested in Gulbranson on her own and it had nothing to do with her.

“Anyone who knows me, I am a genuine, authentic, loyal, caring, take care of everyone kind of girl,” Hubbard said. “I have no ill intentions toward anyone whatsoever. I don’t twist the truth and I want the best for everyone.”

She also said she “heavily” supported Berner’s relationship with Gulbranson.

“That didn’t really work out in my favor. It wound up being slapped back in my face,” she said. “So now I’m team ‘stay out of it.’ When I try to support, things get twisted. Rumors get blown [up] and I have a target on my back. I like to just stay out of it.”

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