‘Southern Charm’ Star Opens Up About Tough Season: ‘I Really Start to Spiral’

Southern Charm stars

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Taylor Ann Green is the first to admit that she had a rough season on “Southern Charm” season 9 coming off the heels of her breakup with Shep Rose.

In an interview with Decider, she shared, “There’s that saying that ‘Hurt people hurt people.’ And as you’ll see in this new season coming out, I really start to spiral.” She said she was preparing for a “tough” season to watch as she would have to revisit those difficult times.

“It was a really, really tough season,” she continued. “Like, very, very tough. I cried more than I’ve cried in the past four years of my life. It was just a constant battle… I was really just in a bad, bad place in my life.” She said one of the things she was struggling with in season 9 was her breakup with Rose and trying to get along in the same group of friends. She admitted that it was hard to feel as though he didn’t care about her at all while she still had feelings about their split.

That said, in an interview with HollywoodLife, Green took responsibility for things going south and a lot of the drama. “I’m the one to blame here,” she shared. “So it’s very tough on myself, relationships, friendships, and then as time goes on, it’s a bit of a hilly ride.” However, she revealed that she’s now on “good terms” with Rose.

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Taylor Ann Green Spoke About Her Connection With Austen Kroll

Green also opened up about her situation with Kroll, as a big part of the season 9 trailer was dedicated to the cast’s speculation about a possible hookup between the two. She revealed that she’s known Kroll for as long as she’s known Rose and “really did hit it off” and built a “really fun friendship connection.”

“I would talk to him about Shep, and I felt like I was able to talk to him as I would talk to a brother,” she explained. “We get along really well. He annoys the s*** out of me, and vice versa [laughs], but even when Shep was out of town, we would go to breakfast together. We would hang out together and crash at his place since he lives downtown. So nothing out of the ordinary.”

However, she shared that because she was in a vulnerable place after her breakup with Rose, she began to feel “mixed emotions” and couldn’t figure out if she had feelings for him or not. “You’ll obviously see how that plays out,” she added.

The Trailer Showed Some of the Drama That Taylor Ann Green Was Involved in This Season

The trailer for the season showed that the big bombshell for season 9 was the rumor that Green and Kroll had hooked up, despite previously dating each other’s close friends.

In the trailer, Green spoke to Kroll’s ex and her best friend Olivia Flowers and adamantly denied that anything happened. However, the trailer opened with a clip of Kroll telling his mother that “something happened” with him and Green. There are also various clips of the cast grilling the two on the rumors.

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