Teresa Giudice Apologizes to Andy Cohen After WWHL Appearance

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Teresa Giudice responded to Andy Cohen saying she contradicted herself during the May 16 episode of “Watch What Happens Live” in regards to claims Luis “Louie” Ruelas made that he’d hired private investigator Bo Dietl to investigate the RHONJ cast.

“I think I did great [on WWHL],” Giudice shared in the May 24 episode of her podcast “Namaste B$tches,” “but I did screw up once cause I’d been hearing Andy saying out there that I contradicted myself.” She said it was in regard to a segment in which Cohen was asking what actions she could and couldn’t defend. The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star explained on her podcast that she was confused about the question.

Giudice’s co-host Melissa Pfeister told her that Cohen was asking, “Can you defend Louie saying that he hired Bo Dietl to dig up stuff?” Giudice replied, “When he’s asking me ‘Can you defend it,’ I thought he meant like ‘Can you back up your husband by saying that he did not hire a private investigator?’ So I’m like yes! I can defend it. He’s saying I’m contradicting myself, so I was supposed to say no to that?”

Pfeister said it was a bit of a trick question cause Giudice would have been acknowledging that Ruelas hired Dietl whether she answered yes or no to the question, so she would have had to say that Ruelas didn’t hire a PI. “I got tripped up on that question,” Giudice explained. “I thought that he was saying to me, ‘Can you defend it that he did not call the private investigator on everyone.’ So I was saying yes he did not.”

“I wanna put out there, sorry Andy, I didn’t understand the question correctly,” Giudice concluded. “I’m not contradicting myself because I didn’t understand the question correctly.”

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Andy Cohen Said Teresa Giudice Contradicted Herself & That the RHONJ Reunion Also Addressed the Private Investigator Claims

Does Teresa Giudice Stand By Louie Ruelas’ Actions? | WWHLTeresa Giudice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey answers a speed round of questions all themed around her favorite subject: love, love, love. During the game, Teresa says whether or not she can defend her husband Louie Ruelas’ behavior. The RHONJ OG also opens up about why she didn’t want to get involved in…2023-05-17T03:51:01Z

Cohen’s claims that Giudice had contradicted herself on WWHL came when he joined the “Chicks in the Office” podcast on May 18. During that appearance, Cohen shared that there was “a lot” regarding Ruelas that was revealed at the RHONJ reunion, including a “big conversation” on Dietl.

As fans might recall, Ruelas claimed on RHONJ that Dietl was a good friend of his and he “knows s*** about everybody in this room… [He] brought me information on each person in this group.” Cohen said that was a topic of conversation at the reunion, and indicated that Ruelas’ later retraction was contradicting his reunion comments.

“He was dodging it at Watch What Happens Live last night and said, ‘No, he just made it up. It came out of thin air,’” Cohen recounted. “And Teresa contradicted herself, and I’m here to tell you that that was not his story at the reunion. It was far different and we really got into it and it’s a major point of contention.”

Bo Dietl Shared After the RHONJ Episode That He Wasn’t Hired By His Friend Luis Ruelas

Dietl himself spoke on the drama after having been brought up on the show and he confirmed that while he is a good friend of Ruelas’, he was never hired to investigate the cast.

He told ET Online that it “never happened” and said it was “bologna.” Dietl said he’d called Ruelas himself afterward to confront him about making the claim and added that he was happy to see Ruelas’ retraction on WWHL.

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