Patricia Altschul Slammed as ‘Racist’ by Thomas Ravenel

Getty and Bravo/NBCUMV Patricia Altschul and Thomas Ravenel

The “Southern Charm” cameras are offline but the drama sure isn’t. Former star Thomas Ravenel is sharing how he really feels about “Southern Charm” matriarch Patricia Altschul.

Ravenel took to Twitter to share some concerning photos that Ravenel claims are from Altschul’s Charleston home. “Typical ornaments one will see at Pat Altschul’s home,” Ravenel tweeted, as seen above, on May 8. “I wonder why Bravo never captures them on the show?” Ravenel attached three photos to the tweet that he claimed were from Altschul’s home. The photos show what appears to be two fireplace mantle memorabilia of blackamoors, a type of figure depicting dark-skinned men in a stylized way. Blackamoor pieces were once widely produced, but they have since been considered racist according to Merriam-Webster.

And Ravenel didn’t stop there. The dad of three replied to his tweet with another photo. The photo contains what looks like a Christmas tree with Confederate flags on top of the tree. He wrote in the caption, “Or her Christmas tree. She’s flying the colors. Why’d they snub her. She put her heart and soul into this.”

After tweeting the photos, Ravenel wrote in a separate tweet, “Bravo’s decision to continue with this obvious racist is not a high minded one. In fact it’s very low. It’s all about the bottom line.”

Ravenel’s time on “Southern Charm” came to an end prior to season 6 after he was accused of sexual assault by his children’s former nanny in 2018. However, he still shares two children with ex-girlfriend Kathryn Dennis. Dennis and Ravenel dated on-and-off since 2014 and share two kids together: Kensie (6) and Saint (4).

Ravenel Continued to Condemn Altschul

In addition to tweeting various photos and claims against his former friend, Ravenel also replied to many fan’s responses, defending his actions.

One fan asked Ravenel, “If they’ve always been there, why are you only saying something now?” The former politician responded, “I guess I was a little stunned. I’ve not much experience around true racists. There was zero tolerance in my home. But they do exist and then I started reviewing old pictures and seeing all the evidence pile up and the disgust started to sink in and it needs to be exposed.” He added, “I’ve evolved and while never practicing racism, stopped tolerating it.”

Another fan replied to Ravenel’s tweets implying that Altschul grew up in a different time. “Geez Thomas,” the fan wrote. “You know shes an old southern gal. What do you really expect? Its offensive but its probably the way she grew up. Bet you anything she’s not aware that she’s racist. Its up to our generation and our kids to do better,” to which Ravenel replied, “She’s as quick as a tack and smart enough to retreat into your narrative but don’t be fooled.”

A fan then asked Ravenel to not “stoop as low as others,” but Ravenel snapped back, “Not until she is publicly renounces her spiteful treatment of POC and being an impediment to their access to and integration into the opportunities all Americans should have regardless of where they stand in her social diary or the color of their skin. Which will be never.”

Ravenel Has Come After Altschul Before

Ravenel’s latest Twitter spree isn’t the first time Ravenel has shaded Altschul. Last December, Ravenel engaged in negative commentary towards her. Ravenel tweeted a story about Altschul’s feud with fellow cast member Austen Kroll. One Twitter user replied to his tweet, “She’s ugly inside,” and Ravenel responded to the user, in a since-deleted tweet, “On a Psychopathic level.”

Another twitter user responded to the same tweet, “Have seen very few in this life that assume they are as important as Patricia seems to think of herself. Whores that marry well have existed since the beginning of time.” Ravenel replied, “A mean, vicious, vindictive whore to boot!!”

A third twitter user agreed with Ravenel’s tweet and replied, “The interesting thing is why she gets so much pleasure in injecting herself in the personal relationships of adults 1/3 her age.” Ravenel wrote back, “Pat is a despicable and cruel person, whose vanity, selfishness and lack of empathy for others drives her to heinous acts.”

When another follower commented that Altschul was being, “shady,” Ravenel agreed writing, “What you see on tv is a very kind edit. Away from cameras her pettiness and vindictiveness are baffling and most discount it until they become the target of it. I’m not the first by far and will not be the last to call her out.”

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