Tom Sandoval’s Vocals Ripped Apart by ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans

Getty Images Tom Sandoval slammed as a bad singer.

Tom Sandoval has set out on a new journey, starting a band and taking his musical talents on the road.

The “Vanderpump Rules” star is the lead singer of Tom Sandoval and the MOST Extras. The group has been performing all over the United States, playing cover songs, having fun, and making money. Tickets for the shows start at $25 and range up to $75 for a VIP experience, according to Ticketmaster’s website.

“When I first started out on ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ I thought I might have ruined my chances of getting into music or even acting,” Sandoval told Page Six in November 2021.

“I thought, ‘People aren’t going to take you seriously, you’re just a reality person.’ But what I have found is that the show has honestly been an amazing platform to do really anything. Music is something I’ve always loved and have always come back to like a mistress,” he added.

And while Sandoval and his band seem to be selling out shows, some VPR fans aren’t sold on his musical talents.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Fans Criticized Sandoval’s Musical Talents, Many Calling Him a Bad Singer

In a Reddit thread dedicated to Sandoval’s music career, several social media users slammed the reality star, many sharing their negative opinions on his talent.

“As blunt as Ariana can be, how has she not told him singing isn’t for him,” one Redditor commented on the thread.

“So Tom is like… not a good singer right? Never has been? Do we all agree or am I tripping?” another asked.

“I wish I could be this confidentially bad at something…” a third person added.

“Ariana…don’t let him do this. Love Tom but buddy can’t sing,” a fourth comment read.

“Reminds me of his trumpet playing, not a compliment,” a fifth Reddit user wrote.

Regardless of the negative internet feedback, Sandoval and his band are heading out on a tour of the East coast that is set to kickoff in March 2022.

Sandoval Received a Negative Review From Vice in 2016

This isn’t the first time that Sandoval’s music career has been criticized. Back in 2016, a write up about his vocals was published by Vice and the overall vibe of his first single, “T.I.P. (Touch in Public).”

“It sounds cheap and not exactly like a “real” song because of its preset cliches (like the ridiculous slap bass and the horrible fake horns [Ed note: The horns are real!!!]) and its vocals being mastered way too loudly, but it also is being kind of wacky on purpose and so it gets away with not being perfect. In its electrofunk facsimile, it seems to be ripping off Chromeo, an act that openly (and humorously) rips off ’80s and ’90s dance music already, which makes this redundantly redundant,” Rich Juzwiak, senior writer at Gawker, was quoted as saying.

“I couldn’t get past the 30 second point. I am old. This is meme funk,” music critic Sasha Frere-Jones added.

“It sounds like a bad MDMA trip—like, when your entire body gets hot and you want to dance but you feel nauseous but you keep dancing anyway,” Pitchfork’s Deputy News Editor weighed in.

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