VPR Star Says Tom Sandoval Exhibited Unnerving Behavior at Season 10 Reunion

Tom Sandoval in season 10.

Casey Durkin/Bravo Tom Sandoval in season 10.

“Vanderpump Rules” personality Ariana Madix broke up with her boyfriend of nearly a decade, Tom Sandoval, upon discovering he had an affair with their castmate Raquel Leviss. While recording the March 29 episode of her podcast, “Give Them Lala,” “Vanderpump Rules” star Lala Kent discussed filming the season 10 reunion on March 23, where Madix and the Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras singer interacted. She claimed that Sandoval exhibited unnerving behavior toward his co-stars at the reunion. The “4 U” singer also compared the 39-year-old to her ex-fiance, Randall Emmett, who is the father of her 2-year-old daughter, Ocean Kent Emmett.

“At the reunion, he was throwing daggers at all of us, trying to bring up a lot of different s*** and I said to everyone, ‘I want you to watch what he’s doing right now, he is the same as my ex alright, his ship is sinking, he’s going to try his hardest to get everyone else’s to sink first. This is a dangerous person. He’s going to pull out some crazy s***. You got skeletons, he’s bringing them out, right now, scary, scary person,’” asserted Kent.

Kent also discussed Sandoval’s behavior at the season 10 reunion in the April 4 “Give Them Lala” episode. She asserted that the Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner lied while filming the reunion and encouraged viewers to take his comments “with a grain of salt.”

“There’s one thing in particular that came out of his mouth at the reunion that was just so telling about who he is and when you guys watch it, you are going to see. I think that it was the first time during the reunion where I was absolutely speechless. Like this is like the most disgusting, low of low, anyone who dates you like this is such a red flag, you’re a piece of s***,” said Kent.

Lala Kent Claims She ‘Knew’ Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss Were Having an Affair

In the April 4 “Give Them Lala” podcast episode, Kent shared she believed that Sandoval and Leviss had romantic encounters during the cast’s August 2022 trip to Mexico for Scheana Shay and Brock Davies’ wedding.

“My gut was telling me that they were hooking up before the news even broke and my gut is telling me that they were doing the business while they were there,” said Kent.

In a March 2023 interview on Jeff Lewis’ SiriusXM program, “Jeff Lewis Live,” the “Give Them Lala” author also claimed that she “knew” that Leviss and Sandoval did not have a purely platonic relationship before reports of the cheating scandal began circulating in early March.

“You’ll see this season during regular filming before cameras went back up. I am saying from experience these two have crossed a line, they are f***** each other. I didn’t have any proof,” said Kent.

Lala Kent Believes Ariana Madix Has ‘Good’ Karma in Light of Tom Sandoval’s Cheating Scandal

Kent appeared on a March 2023 episode of Shay’s podcast, “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay,” alongside former “Vanderpump Rules” star Kristen Doute. While recording the podcast episode, Doute acknowledged that she was in a relationship with Sandoval before he began dating Madix in 2013. She also noted that she had accused her ex-boyfriend of cheating on her with the Florida native in “Vanderpump Rules” season 2. The 40-year-old asserted, however, that she does not believe Madix deserved to be cheated on by Sandoval. She explained that she is close to the 37-year-old and “had to thank her for like taking [Sandoval] out of [her] life.”

“There’s no karma coming down on her,” asserted Doute.

Kent chimed in that she believes Madix has good karma, as evidenced by the fact she was given a reason to break up with Sandoval.

“Her karma is so good that this happened. Like we’re getting you the f*** away from this guy,” said the mother of one.

Doute agreed with Kent, asserting that Madix is not “going to have a leech that will be dragging her down.”

“She gets to flourish,” said the “He’s Making You Crazy” author.

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