Tom Sandoval Hints Katie Maloney Started Bar Drama Because She Wanted a Storyline

Katie Maloney Tom Sandoval

Bravo Katie Maloney and Tom Sandoval of Vanderpump Rules.

Tom Sandoval said Katie Maloney contacted him before the current season of  ”Vanderpump Rules” started filming with a pitch to get herself more screen time.

As Sandoval and Katie’s husband, Tom Schwartz, began working on their new bar business, Katie asked if she could tell “Vanderpump Rules” producers that she was also involved in the venture.

In an interview on the “No Filter with Zack Peter” podcast, Sandoval revealed that Katie called him before production for the 9th season of the Bravo reality show started up. The former SUR bartender said Katie told him: “I’m getting ready to go meet with production. I just wanted to see if it’s cool if I tell them that I might help out in the office or take some phone calls or maybe help train some staff.”

Sandoval revealed that he was confused by Katie’s request because the bar opening wasn’t even on the radar at that point.

“I understand what she was asking,” Sandoval told the podcast. “’Like, “I know you guys are gonna be filming and talking about this, and I wanna be able to film.’ … I can tell you that it’s always great when you’re involved with more things because then you can film more, that’s the way it is.”

Katie & Sandoval Have Butted Heads All Season Long

Katie Maloney Schwartz

YouTube/BravoKatie Maloney Schwartz on Vanderpump Rules.

Katie has managed to create her main “Vanderpump Rules” storyline out of drama with the bar launch – and she kicked things off on the first episode. On the season 9 premiere, she slammed Sandoval’s proposed name for the bar after he said he wanted to call it “Schwartz and Sandy’s.”

In a scene with Sandoval’s girlfriend, Ariana Madix, Katie called the potential bar name “horrible,” and she later told Sandoval directly that the name was “uninspired.” Sandoval said Katie’s criticism of his idea was “out of line,” according to

Katie also claimed she was more qualified than the two Toms to run a restaurant business and that they would be “idiots” not to take her advice given her past experience in the hospitality industry. At one point, she told Schwartz that she wanted to be the “Head B**** in Charge” of the new bar.

Katie’s bar storyline has been playing out all season. Schwartz told Us Weekly that the fighting between his wife and Sandoval got “ugly” and “caused a lot of tension” in his relationship with his best friend and business partner.

Ariana Madix Said Katie Didn’t Stick to an Agreement That Was Made About the Bar

Vanderpump Rules Stars

GettyKatie Maloney-Schwartz, Tom Schwartz, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix of Vanderpump Rules.

After Katie drummed up drama surrounding the bar, Sandoval’s girlfriend made it clear that she was never supposed to be involved. In an interview with Yahoo’s We Should Talk series, Ariana confirmed that the bar was always supposed to be a guys-only business venture.

“When Tom and Tom first started doing this project of opening a new bar together, they agreed that me and Katie — they literally shook hands — that [we] wouldn’t be involved,” Ariana revealed.

She noted that Schwartz later said he wanted Katie involved and began “pitting” his wife against Sandoval “in private.”

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