Tom Sandoval & Tom Schwartz Bar Bust: Should They Have Involved Katie & Ariana?

Getty Images Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz should have opened a bar with their significant others, fans say.

Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz opened their first bar TomTom with Lisa Vanderpump, and have since decided to open another bar on their own. Sandoval is really the mastermind behind Schwartz and Sandy’s, which is slated for a late 2021 or an early 2022 opening.

“Every time I walk in here, it’s such an optical illusion. I want colors, I want light drama on corners, I want seclusion, but also, you know, a community interactive event,” Sandoval said, according to Bravo.

As the current season of “Vanderpump Rules” airs, viewers are getting to see some of the ideas that Sandoval and Schwartz have come up with — including the name and the overall theme, both of which have been slammed by fans.

Schwartz’s wife, Katie Maloney, is sort of involved in the new bar concept — to some extent — though she doesn’t have a stake in the new location. Meanwhile, Sandoval’s girlfriend, Ariana Madix, seems to be steering clear of the new bar, doing her own thing. However, fans have weighed in, and many feel that Maloney and Madix should be involved — that each one should have opened a bar with their respective significant other, for example, or that the two women should have just opened their own bar without the boys.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Fans Think That Sandoval & Schwartz Should Have Teamed Up With Maloney & Madix

Fans have been very opinionated when it comes to Sandoval and Schwartz’s new bar. In a new Reddit thread that was started on November 14, 2021, fans discussed what the guys should have done for their newest venture.

“I hate the name Schwartz and Sandy’s like everyone else but imagine if they had a vision of 3 bars in LA in total with their joint one and then one each with their partner/wife that matches each couples vibes. So they could have TomTom, TomKat and TomAri and that way each bar would be different on the inside plus unique drinks and food,” the original poster suggested.

“Katie and Ariana should have opened the bar by themselves,” added another.

“This is cute and literally any idea is better than what they chose,” a third person commented.

“I love the fact that so many people-including you- have come up with so many ideas, names, themes etc… yet no amount of [mushrooms] can give them an [idea],” a fourth person wrote.

Many Fans Pointed Out That a Joint Venture With the Ladies Probably Wouldn’t Work

While fans don’t seem to be on board with Sandoval and Schwartz’s new bar ideas, they also realize that a bar with Maloney and Madix probably wouldn’t be successful. It may be fun to think about, but most fans realize it just wouldn’t work.

“In a Schwartz Katie bar the vibe would be couples fighting and passive aggressively insulting each other,” wrote one Redditor.

“Katie and Sandoval do not get along. They would be arguing daily. Maybe they could charge extra for the floor show but it wont help run a business to have them pulling in different directions, another pointed out.

Perhaps Sandoval and Schwartz will team up with their significant others in the future — or maybe… they won’t.

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