Fans at Odds After Tom Schwartz’s Late Birthday Message to Katie Maloney

Getty Images Tom Schwartz wished Katie Maloney a happy birthday on Instagram.

Tom Schwartz took to his Instagram Stories to wish his wife Katie Maloney a happy birthday on January 17, 2022 — the day after her actual birthday.

The “Vanderpump Rules” star went out with her girlfriends to celebrate, and several of them shared photos and videos from a fun night out, and Maloney seemed to have a blast, even taking to her own Instagram Stories to share that she had quite the hangover after celebrating her special day.

Schwartz, however, didn’t publicly post birthday wishes to Maloney until Monday.

“It was bubba’s birthday yesterday. I love you so much, [Katie],” he captioned a side-by-side photo of him and Maloney. The picture itself was hazy, and didn’t seem to really encompass one’s birthday, though it may have been from a special time or part of a special memory that Schwartz and Maloney shared over the past year. The photo can be seen on Reddit here.

Some fans questioned Schwartz’s “late” birthday post, and a debate ensued on Reddit.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Fans Thought Schwartz’s ‘Late’ Post Was ‘on Purpose’

It’s no secret that Schwartz and Maloney’s relationship has been a hot topic of conversation amongst VPR fans for years. While some people really see the love between the couple, others can’t understand why the two are even together.

A lot of fans don’t like some of the things that have happened between Schwartz and Maloney over the years, and Schwartz’s birthday message received similar treatment.

“I’m convinced he does sh** like this on purpose just to make her feel small,” one Redditor commented on a thread that was titled, “Tom forgot to post on IG for Katie’s birthday yesterday.”

“I am more confused with his picture choice hahah like why are they both missing half their bodies? He could have at least centered the images or put them on opposite sides so it looks like they’re connected/ attached idk,” another comment read.

“My favorite roommates,” a third person wrote.

“He’s such a loser,” a fourth Redditor added.

Other Fans Didn’t Seem to Mind That His Birthday Message Was the Day After Maloney’s Actual Birthday

Other VPR fans weren’t really phased by Schwartz’s day-late birthday post, and many defended him, given that he lives with his wife, and social media isn’t as important as real life.

“Not everything needs to be documented on social media,” one person wrote.

“Eh I mean they live together so an Instagram post doesn’t seem that important,” added another.

“This doesn’t imply he forgot. Also, it’s just Instagram. He obviously celebrated with her in real life,” a third person commented.

“He lives with her…. I doubt he didn’t tell her happy birthday at all lol. [It’s] just an instagram post and he probably is simply reiterating it was her birthday yesterday. Idk my bf [doesn’t] post on social media for my birthday but he always celebrates with me in person. I think this is not that deep,” someone else wrote.

According to Bravo, Schwartz made Maloney’s birthday special in his own way. He made her some “homemade frozen pineapple margaritas” which she enjoyed poolside, and even surprised her with a “big box of desserts.” Days earlier, Schwartz took to his Instagram Stories to share another gift he gave his wife; *NSYNC action figures, more than likely collectables.

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