Tom Schwartz Reacts to Jo Wenberg Leaking His Text Messages

Jo Wenberg and Tom Schwartz at the VPR Season 11 reunion.

Heavy/NBCUniversal Jo Wenberg and Tom Schwartz at the VPR Season 11 reunion.

Vanderpump Rules” star Tom Schwartz is unhappy with his former friend, Jo Wenberg, who appeared in the show’s 11th season.

During an appearance on the May 16 episode of “The Valley” stars Kristen Doute and Luke Broderick’s podcast, “Balancing Act,” Schwartz briefly discussed Wenberg’s decision to share text messages he sent her in early May 2024 on Instagram Live. According to Schwartz, Wenberg did not give her Instagram followers the full context of their text conversation.

“It was firm. But constructive. Yeah, it felt like a major violation when she went and read that,” said Schwartz. “And she cherry picked it to fit her narrative online. And I get it — she’s going through some feelings. Like, she’s hurt a little bit.”

He also confirmed that he did block Wenberg on social media.

“The reasons I pulled away from Jo are very valid. And she has to respect those,” continued Schwartz.

According to Schwartz, Wenberg has “told some egregious lies” that he has “debunked.”

“I’ve called her out on a few of them. But some are just so uncomfortable to bring up that I never addressed it,” stated the Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner.

He also stated that he does not appreciate that she is “kind of spinning this narrative, like, she’s a victim” and he “played her.”

“If I was to talk about the reasons why I separated from her, which are very valid, I think everyone would be singing a different tune online,” said the 41-year-old.

Schwartz clarified that he does not “harbor any resentment” toward Wenberg.

“I wish her well. But yeah, she’s not in my life in any capacity anymore. And never will be,” stated Schwartz.

Kristen Doute Discussed Tom Schwartz’s Texts to Jo Wenberg

During the May 2024 “Balancing Act” episode, Doute, who was also once friends with Wenberg, stated she read the text conversation between Schwartz and the hairstylist in its entirety.

“My frustration lies that [Wenberg] was cherry picking bits and pieces. And not reading the context behind these things. Leaving out things that [Schwartz] said that were very kind. As well as leaving out things that [Schwartz] had to call her out on, that frustrated [Schwartz],” said the former “Vanderpump Rules” star.

Jo Wenberg Read Tom Schwartz’s Text Messages to Her Instagram Followers

In May 2024, Wenberg read some of Schwartz’s text messages after he blocked her on social media in an Instagram Live, which was uploaded on Reddit. Wenberg stated that Schwartz was upset about her behavior and believed she “was living in the past.”

“He said that I was manipulative and I was using disturbing language. ‘It sounds vaguely threatening almost. Your erratic online behavior is unsettling. You have to snap out of it — this negative loop,'” read Wenberg.

According to Wenberg, Schwartz, whom she had a sexual relationship with, also stated that he wanted her to refrain from publicly discussing him and his girlfriend, Sophia Skoro, 23. In addition, Wenberg stated that Schwartz implored her to “please leave [him] alone.”

Tom Schwartz Discussed His Relationship With Jo Wenberg in an April 2024 Interview

Schwartz discussed his relationship with Wenberg in an April 2024 interview with Access Hollywood. He stated that while he had chemistry with the 35-year-old, he was not interested in having a serious relationship after finalizing his divorce from Katie Maloney in 2022. He also noted that some of Wenberg’s behavior “caused [him] to pull away.” Schwartz stated that he could have been more clear about why he wanted to stop being close to Wenberg.

“I kind of wish I would have been more upfront and communicated that to her. As opposed to just kind of, slowly, quietly pulling away,” said the 41-year-old.

Tom Schwartz Opened up About His Desire to Have a Family

While recording the May 16 “Balancing Act” episode, Schwartz shared that he would eventually like a family. He also stated he could see himself getting married again or having a long engagement.

In an April 2024 “Viall Files” podcast episode, alongside Schwartz, Skoro stated that she was not currently interested in becoming a mother.

“I definitely need some time on that one,” said the 23-year-old.