Tom Schwartz Reveals What He Hates About His New Living Situation

Tom Schwartz

Getty Tom Schwartz.

Tom Schwartz opened up about apartment living.

The “Vanderpump Rules” star moved out of his large Valley Village, California home in June 2022, three months after announcing his split from his wife, Katie Maloney — and the move was a major downsize.

After living in an expansive, 4-bedroom modern farmhouse-style home, purchased for $1.925 million in 2019, TMZ reported that Schwartz and Maloney accepted an offer for their home for $2.45 million in late July 2022. They have since both moved into separate new apartments, and while Maloney has shown off many photos of her new abode, Schwartz hasn’t said much – until now.

Here’s what you need to know:

Tom Schwartz Isn’t Thrilled About His High Rent Price

Tom Schwartz

GettyTom Schwartz.

In his Intstagarm post about his divorce, Schwartz strongly hinted that the split was Maloney’s idea, and while the exes have remained on friendly terms, perhaps it’s no surprise that the Tom Tom partner isn’t  totally excited about his forced move.

In August 2022, Schwartz was a guest on the You’re Gonna Love Me” podcast, where he admitted that he’s a no-frills guy, but still isn’t thrilled about his downsize.

“I don’t need much,” Schwartz said when talking about his new living situation. “I’m low maintenance. I can live in a small, little apartment. It’s just, living in a small, little apartment that you have to pay $3,500 a month for? It’s hard not to be salty. You know what I mean? It’s smaller than my apartment in college.”

Schwartz noted that despite the “not fabulous” bathtubs in his new place, he likes his apartment. But he admitted, “It’s just hard to go from what we had to that.”

“I’m back in an apartment complex, which, everyone’s lovely, by the way,” he said of his neighborhood. “But it’s like I’m tip-toeing around on my floor.”

According to, Schwartz had been moved into his new pad for a few weeks before he noticed something about it. “Just realized my apartment has a parcel compartment,” he wrote in an Instagram Story photo that showed several packages that he hadn’t realized had been delivered to an outdoor mailbox at his new residence.

Katie Maloney Loves Her New Place

Maloney had initially been hesitant to give up her Valley Village home. On a previous episode of her  “You’re Gonna Love Me” podcast, she said the place she owned with Schwartz was  “too much house for one person” – and also too expensive to maintain.

“I originally was dying to stay there,” she admitted. “I would have done anything to stay there. But then realistic thoughts entered my mind, and I was like, ‘Wait a minute, how could I afford to stay there?’ … I mean, I could not have afforded a mortgage like that on my own. It’s very, very expensive.”

On the May 25, 2022 episode of the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast, Maloney revealed that she was “downsizing” into an apartment. The former SURver also told E! News she didn’t move far from the house that she shared with Schwartz.

“Listen, I may have wanted a divorce, but I didn’t want to have to move, necessarily,” the “Vanderpump Rules” star said. “I still love the area that we live in. So, I’m living in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom, and I absolutely love it.”

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