Tom Schwartz Slammed for ‘Gut Punch’ Comment Made to Katie Maloney

Tommy Garcia/Bravo & Getty Images Tom Schwartz made a comment to Katie Maloney about their marriage.

Tom Schwartz has come under fire once more, this time for a comment that he made to his wife, Katie Maloney, on the November 30, 2021, episode of “Vanderpump Rules.”

The two were having a conversation in bed following a back-and-forth between Maloney and Schwartz’s business partner, Tom Sandoval. Schwartz decided to talk to Maloney about what happened, and he suggested that she doesn’t get involved with the guys’ new bar endeavor, Schwartz and Sandy’s.

At one point in the conversation, Maloney tries explaining to Schwartz that they are, in fact, partners, because they are husband and wife. “We’re married,” she said. “So…,” Schwartz responds, before his hurtful comment. “It’s a piece of paper,” he added. Maloney’s made a face as she looked away from her husband. Now, fans are slamming Schwartz for the comment — and many are questioning their relationship.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Fans Are Wondering if Schwartz Even Wants to Be Married to Maloney

If you’ve been watching “Vanderpump Rules” from its inception, you’ve probably seen Schwartz and Maloney go through a fair amount of ups and downs over the years. When the two finally decided to get married (read when Schwartz finally decided to propose), some fans were hopeful that their relationship would get better. Other fans found themselves scratching their heads.

No matter which side you fall on, it seems clear that Schwartz and Maloney have been dedicated — on some level — to making their relationship work. They seem to want to be together, despite their constant disagreements and these negative comments that pop up from time to time. All of that said, it’s no surprise that some fans were really bothered by Schwartz minimizing his marriage in such a way, and they sounded off on social media.

Someone started a Reddit thread titled, “‘So?’ Was bad enough but Tom goes for the gut punch.”

“The marriage license and now the “not following the doctor’s advice” on not drinking and taking drugs has me thinking that Schwartz is telling Katie that he a) doesn’t want to be married and b) really doesn’t want kids,” one Redditor commented on a thread about the conversation.

“It’s painful for me to watch their interactions and always has been,” added another.

“If my partner minimized our relationship and life commitment together like at all, let alone over a business venture they couldn’t even acquire finances for, I’d be livid. Just makes it seem like he got married and signed the marriage license to shut her up and keep her around out of convenience,” another Redditor wrote.

“I think they’re both unhappy but too invested at this point to leave,” a fourth comment read.

“When will Katie realize he will never emotionally fulfill her,” another person wrote.

Schwartz & Maloney’s Relationship Has Been Debated by Fans for Years

This past week’s episode of “Vanderpump Rules” certainly isn’t the first time that caused fans to question Schwartz and Maloney’s relationship. In fact, there has been plenty of social media chatter about these two for years.

It seems that more people are slamming Schwartz and Maloney’s marriage this season, which could be because they are more front and center with the main cast of characters (Jax Taylor, Stassi Schroeder) gone from the series. There is definitely more focus on Schwartz and Sandoval this season as they step into the more main roles.

In mid-November, fans took to a Reddit thread to discuss Schwartz and Maloney’s marriage, with many feeling as though the two actually hate each other. Several people seemed to agree that there isn’t much love between these two, and if there is, it’s not being shown on television.

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Deborah Schoeneberg
Deborah Schoeneberg
1 month ago

i think tom needs to man up and have Katie’s back why is he so afraid of sandoval grow some balls! Defend your wife!

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