Fans Slam Tom Schwartz for Saying He Is ‘Just Ready to Retire’

Tom Schwartz

Getty Tom Schwartz poses in 2014.

One of the storylines of “Vanderpump Rules” season 9 is Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval taking steps to open their new bar and restaurant, Schwartz and Sandy’s, which will be located in Franklin Village, California. In season 9, episode 15, the business partners joined their co-stars in Santa Barbara to celebrate the engagement of James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss, who have since broken up. While on a boat, Schwartz, who is married to his castmate Katie Maloney-Schwartz, shared that he is “just ready to retire.” 

He and Sandoval then have a conversation about feeling pressured by Lisa Vanderpump, who had partnered with them for their first establishment, Tom Tom Restaurant & Bar, to open Schwartz and Sandy’s. 

“It’s been a lot of the past couple months of her being like, ‘What are you guys doing? Like why are you wasting time?’ It’s like we’re not wasting time,” asserted Sandoval. 

In a joint confessional interview, Schwartz and Sandoval shared their plans for early retirement. 

“I wanna be playing the World Series of Poker. I want to live probably in, like, Thousand Oaks and have a ranch and with pigs, goats, lizards, maybe a cow, like one of those mini ones,” revealed Schwartz. 

His co-star then noted that he wanted to be in “a cover band” and “travel the world.”

Reddit Users Discussed Tom Schwartz’s Comments About Retirement 

On January 20, 2022, a Reddit user shared a screenshot of Schwartz talking about his desire for retirement, along with the caption, “Retire from WHAT?!?” on the “Vanderpump Rules” subreddit. Several “Vanderpump Rules” viewers flocked to the comments section to share their opinions on the matter. 

“He would / will seriously struggle in the real world. He didn’t seem to do anything for Tom Tom. He barely seems present for Schwartz and Sandys,” commented a “Vanderpump Rules” fan

“I’m glad someone else was irked by this. When do they start working?” added another.

“My thought exactly! I almost choked when I heard him say that! Retire from having everything handed to you on a silver plater [sic]? From drinking and wearing moomoos [sic]? From having your wife and best friend do everything for you? From failing upwards CONSTANTLY? From Indecisiveness? I am done! He is so annoying to watch! I can’t stand that Katie always gets so much hate and he just skates by on everything. Granted she has her issues and seems lazy as well, but at the very least she has ideas and opinions on things! Ugh this whole episode was painful and infuriating to watch!” wrote a different viewer

“THANK you! Does he think showing up for his VPR production schedule for 8 years equals a real job? ‘Yeah I get blackout drunk, travel, cram my butt with steak, and skirt drama. It’s time to rest on my laurels!’ Gtfo Schwartz. I was appalled,” shared a fourth Reddit user.

Some commenters, however, shared that they understood the 39-year-old’s desire to retire. 

“Schwartz reminds me of my ex. Just, lazy. I think under his cowardly exterior he’s fairly smart and has always been level headed. He just has no drive, no direction. I would want to retire from club appearances at his age too,” wrote one commenter

“Eh i say it all the time and in 28. I dont get joy out of working, I work because I have to. My joy comes from cooking, clean, caring for my home and the humans or pets that live in it. So I don’t fault him for this, I think if the vast majority of us won the lotto next draw, we’d retire,” added a different Reddit user

Tom Schwartz & Tom Sandoval Spoke About the Name of Their New Establishment  

During an October 2021 interview with Access Hollywood, Schwartz and Sandoval acknowledged that fans and Maloney-Schwartz had criticized the name of their new establishment, which will likely open in 2022. Sandoval suggested that he was not going to listen to the backlash. 

“Here’s the thing when Lisa Vanderpump is going to name one of her bars, she doesn’t ask like people on the street, construction workers, like one of her managers — like she doesn’t ask, she’s just like, ‘This is what it’s going to be.’ You know, what I mean. It just happens,” asserted the 38-year-old. 

Schwartz then clarified that he “appreciate[d] everyone suggesting” ideas for the bar and restaurant. 

“We’ve been getting a lot of feedback, not all positive, but it’s cool, we’re grateful that people are just  interested. We hope people will come because we’re working on something that’s really special and near and dear to us,” stated the Bravo star. 

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