Fans Slam Tom Schwartz: He’s a ‘Terrible’ Husband

Bravo Tom Schwartz slammed on social media for being a 'terrible husband.'

The current season of “Vanderpump Rules” has focused more on Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval, as both guys have sort of taken the lead roles after several members of the OG cast were fired by Bravo.

The reception for Schwartz and Sandoval hasn’t been great, however, and many fans have taken to social media after each new episode to complain about the guys, who aren’t doing much to help their reputations. Between Sandoval’s bar ideas and Schwartz’s interactions with his wife, many fans are completely over both former SUR employees.

While the animosity toward both men seems to have hit a fever pitch, fans seem to be going extra hard on Schwartz. In fact, following the December 14, 2021, episode of the show, a Reddit thread slamming Schwartz was started. The title of the thread? “Schwartz is a terrible husband.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Agreed With the Original Poster & Slammed Schwartz for His Treatment of Katie Maloney

For years, fans have had a front row seat to the ups and downs of Schwartz’s relationship with Katie Maloney. Not only did he cheat on her (according to Us Weekly), but the two have gotten into numerous arguments, have admitted to not having much of a sex life, and often act as though they don’t even like each other.

This seems to be even more evident on the current season of “VPR” — and fans are noticing.

“Schwartz saying Katie is the love of his life while only saying their marriage is just a piece of paper is weird in the same episode. And yes the consensus here is Schwartz is a terrible partner and always has been but we also separately don’t enjoy Katie. Katie [reeks] of depression and has for years and yes she has had a brain injury but i think if she wasn’t married to a man child and a guy that respected her she would have like a whole new lifestyle and personality. These people sometimes offend me because like are you trying to say being single is so much worse than this terrible marriage,” one Redditor commented.

“I do not understand how they can still be married their marriage is TOXICCCCC,” added another.

“[He’s] like a textbook example of how Nice Guys can be even worse. he might not scream verbal abuse like James or make big shows of humiliating his partners like Jax but an inch beneath his aw shucks demeanor and all the Bubbas is just subtly ignoring her, insulting her and invalidating her experiences. [I’d] go crazy,” a third person wrote.

“If I was her, I would be filing divorce papers. I will never understand why she puts up with him He has been disrespectful to her from the beginning of the show. I don’t get it at all,” a fourth comment read.

Fans Think Schwartz & Maloney’s Relationship Is ‘Co-Dependent’

Schwartz and Maloney have always maintained that what you see on television is only a small portion of their relationship, but many fans feel that things aren’t much better when the cameras aren’t rolling. In fact, some fans think that Schwartz and Maloney have an unhealthy, co-dependent relationship.

In a Reddit thread started on December 12, 2021, fans discussed the couple’s marriage in depth, and many felt that it just isn’t working.

“I think they do love each other, no doubt, but it’s become a familiar co-dependent relationship now and it’s hard to get out of that cycle,” one Redditor wrote.

“I think they are co-dependent and at this point can’t imagine ever being with someone else because while they may appear miserable, it’s the misery they know and are most familiar with,” added another.

On the current season of the show, Schwartz and Maloney express their desire to start a family, though it hasn’t happened for them yet. Some fans think that Maloney is sticking by Schwartz because she wants to have kids.

“I think at this point Katie is looking to be a stay at home Mom and Schwartz is the answer to that. It’s easier for Schwartz to just do what he needs to do to be able to give her viable sperm, than for her to start all over, meet somebody new, and have babies. Even then, would they be somebody making enough to support that lifestyle while she doesn’t have to work? I’m not saying she’s using Schwartz whatsoever. I think she genuinely loves him. But I think she puts up with her shitty relationship so she can have kids soon,” one Redditor commented on a thread.

“She is the type that will leave after the baby is born because it will make her realize he isn’t safe or good for a baby,” added another.

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