What’s the Name of Tom Schwartz & Tom Sandoval’s New Bar?

Tom Schwartz Tom Sandoval

Bravo Tom Schwartz Tom Sandoval

Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval dropped shared some big news on the new season of “Vanderpump Rules.”

In the season 9 premiere, the duo opened up about a new business venture they were planning. But first they had to tell their TomTom partner — Lisa Vanderpump– about it, because they were working on it behind her back.

In a clip shared on Bravo.com, Schwartz and Sandoval were shown at the location of their new “spot” in Franklin Village and were talking about the interior décor. In a confessional, Sandoval admitted he was “slightly nervous” to tell Vanderpump what he and his partner were up to, but it was actually Vanderpump who brought it up as she told the two she “heard” that they were opening “another restaurant or a bar.”

In the end, the Toms got their blessing from LVP, who told them she and her husband Ken Todd “support” what they were doing.

The Toms Could Not Agree on a Name For Their Bar, But They Do Have a Theme

Tom Schwartz

GettyTom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval in 2018

Schwartz and Sandoval also opened up about the theme for their future bar. When asked about it by Vanderpump, Sandoval painted a trippy picture.

“James Turrell, light artist, went over to his grandma’s house and took some acid,” he said. “It’s really cool.”

The two also revealed they were still working on a name, but Sandoval seemed to favor one name in particular.

“Actually we have settled on a name, “Sandoval said in a confessional. “It’s Schwartz & Sandy’s.”

In a separate scene, Schwartz’s wife, Katie Maloney, was seen slamming the potential name. She told Sandoval’s girlfriend, Ariana Madix, “Your Tom really likes the name he came up with. My Tom hates it.  I think it’s horrible.”

“You want to make it like psychedelic, funky, fresh, lights, textures. And then you want to call it f***ing Schwartz & Sandys?” Maloney said. “Ugh. I lost my boner.”

During an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” following the season 9 premiere, the Toms fielded questions about their bar and its future name. Fans suggested “Tomfoolery”—which the two admitted they have considered. They also seemed to like a fan’s suggestion that they combine their wives’ names – Katie and Ariana – to name the bar “Katiana.”

There Was Buzz About the Toms’ New Business Venture Last Year

Tom Sandoval Tom Schwartz 3

GettyTom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz

Schwartz and Sandoval became junior partners in Lisa Vanderpump’s TomTom Restaurant & Bar in 2018. Fans saw Vanderpump take the former SUR employees under her wing after they each invested $50,000 into opening the West Hollywood bar and another $50,000 into an adjacent garden lounge, aka The Garden, that was created in a space next door to it, per Page Six.

Sandoval and Schwartz are known for wearing matching outfits and showing up for work together on their white motorcycle with a sidecar.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced TomTom to be closed for an extended period of time from early 2020 to 2021, but that didn’t stop the Toms from working on other things during their downtime.

As far back as December 2020, there was buzz they had another bar business was in the works for the two. At the time, an insider told The Sun that Schwartz and Sandoval wanted to branch out in the bar world on their own.

“They are planning to open a bar by themselves, without Lisa, because they want bigger pieces of the pie,” the source said. “They are already looking at real estate in Los Angeles and West Hollywood for their next spot.”

The insider also made it clear that the two Toms did “not have a falling out” with Vanderpump and simply just wanted to “venture out on their own.”

And while Vanderpump has been supportive of the young entrepreneurs, one of their former “Vanderpump Rules” co-stars hasn’t always been. In May 2020,  Jax Taylor responded to a social media commenter who said the Toms have “prospered” in their business.

“They have not prospered,” Taylor replied, per Us Weekly. “That restaurant is a money pit. I would never want to own a bar in Hollywood it’s a money pit. It never ends up well.”

Schwartz and Sandoval’s TomTom did actually made a profit in its very first year, Us noted.

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