Tom Schwartz Shares Throwback Family Photos of His Triplet Brothers

Tom Schwartz

Bravo Tom Schwartz.

Tom Schwartz is one of the original stars of  “Vanderpump Rules,” but fans don’t often see footage of his family life.

The recently divorced Bravo star comes from a large family that includes triplet brothers, Brandon, Bert, and Billy. Schwartz star also has a sister, two half-sisters, and a half-brother, according to

In honor of the triplets’ 37th birthday, Schwartz, 40, shared some rare childhood pics– and fans were happy to see the siblings.

Tom Schwartz Wished His Brothers a Happy Birthday on Instagram

In a  post shared on his Instagram page on March 24, 2023, Schwartz shared throwbacks of him with his brothers. In the first pic, the four brothers were seated on Big Wheels, although oldest brother Tom’s vehicle was a bigger model than his brothers’ mini Sesame Street versions. The future bar owner wore bright blue Converse high tops, while his triplet siblings wore pom-pom topped winter hats.

A second photo showed the pre-teen triplet brothers wearing matching swim trunks as they posed in front of a swimming pool, and a final photo showed all of the grown-up brothers at a  bar.

“HAPPY BDAY TO MY DEAR BROTHERS,” Schwartz captioned the post. “The trips. The 3 Amigos. The boys. Love you all.”

Fans reacted to the post, with many wishing the brothers a happy birthday.

“Happiest Birthday Triplets!! Your house must have been rowdy and fun,” one fan wrote.

Others recalled the triplets’ cameo on “Vanderpump Rules” for Schwartz’s wedding to Katie Maloney.

“They were my favorite people to ever be on the show,” one fan wrote.

“Can we have an episode with just these 3?!” another asked.

“They’re the only thing that can bring the balance back to VPR,” another fan agreed.

Tom Schwartz is Close To His Brothers Despite the Fact That They Live in Florida

Schwartz lives across the country from his brothers, but he remains close to them. Still, they almost didn’t make it to his 2016 wedding in Northern California due to financial reasons. It was actually co-star Jax Taylor who helped pull the feat off.

I approached Tom Sandoval like, ‘Why don’t we fly in his brothers? Why don’t we go get them suits? Go get them haircuts. Fly them in, get them hotels, and surprise him. Because he wanted to have his brothers there, but it wasn’t in the budget,” Taylor told The Daily Dish in 2017. Interview, “So we surprised him with that.”

A year after the wedding, the brothers returned to “Vanderpump Rules” once again, where they received makeovers ahead of a night on the town in Hollywood with Schwartz and Sandoval.

In a scene posted by, Schwartz was in proud big brother mode after welcoming his brothers to his West Coast city.  “I know I’m biased because I’m their brother, but I’m telling you, you won’t meet sweeter kids than my brothers,” he said. “I love them very much.”

In a video interview with Bravo, Schwartz revealed that his brothers live in North Florida and are “awesome. “They’re like The Three Stooges, but I mean that in an endearing way,” he said. “They have such a great dynamic I love hanging out with them, it’s just nonstop entertainment.”

“Such good kids, they really are,” he added. “I’ve been getting a lot of tweets like, ‘When are they getting a spin-off?” Schwartz said in the interview.

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