Tyra Banks Slammed by Former ‘ANTM’ Contestants

Getty Images Tyra Banks is being slammed by former 'ANTM' star.

Tyra Banks is making headlines after a former contestant on “America’s Next Top Model” spoke out about her experience on the show.

Banks served as the show’s executive producer in addition to a judge for more than 300 episodes from 2003-2018. While the show was insanely popular in its heyday, ratings tanked in its latter years, according to The Things. In 2017, Banks passed the hosting torch to Rita Ora, but the show just didn’t survive.

Banks may not have been too heartbroken over the cancellation, however. In March 2017, she opened up about her plan, and noted that she wanted to keep things “fresh.” “I wanted the show to continue; I wanted to keep it new. With me creating and owning a significant portion of the show, it’s in my best interests to keep it going and to keep it fresh,” Banks told Entertainment Weekly at the time.

Banks also made plenty of money during her time on the show. In fact, she raked in a cool $30 million over a 12-month period, according to a 2009 report by Forbes. And with that kind of money coming through the door, one might assume that the contestants on the show were also handsomely paid — but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Here’s what you need to know:

Former ‘ANTM’ Star Sarah Hartshorne Said Models Were Paid $40 Per Day

Sarah Hartshorne appeared on Cycle 9 of “America’s Next Top Model.” She took to Twitter to respond to a post about the low pay that the models earned on the show.

“The fact that girls on ANTM were getting paid $40 an episode and Tyra and them judges were making BANK, is kinda sick,” read a tweet from @jiggyjayy2. Hartshorne weighed in.

“$40 a day, no residuals, and we had to pay for food,” she tweeted in response. Hartshorne said that she talks about her experience on “ANTM” on TikTok quite a bit and encouraged people to check her out on the platform.

Hartshorne, who now works as a comedian, posted a video to further clarify her comments. She explained that she received a ton of messages asking her why she advertises being on the show if she “hated it” so much, but she said that she didn’t actually hate it, she’s “glad” that she did it, but she just wishes she “was paid.”

On October 28, 2021, Hartshorne shared a TikTok about the contracts that the contestants had to sign on the show.

“Partway through filming the first episode, they marched all the girls into this conference room that was full of a team of lawyers and all the producers, and they sat us down. … And they told us that the contract we’d signed a few weeks ago meant that if we talked about anything that had happened or was going to happen, we would be sued for $10 million,” Hartshorne recalled.

“And I remember that number so specifically because one girl raised her hand and said, ‘What if we don’t have $10 million? Because, point of fact, I do not have $10 million. And the executive producer said, ‘We know that. We won’t just sue you. We’ll sue your whole family, we’ll sue your parents or guardians, your grandparents, your kids, your future kids, your future children’s children’s children’s children. We will keep suing you until we get that money,'” she added.

“At the time I was young and dumb, so I really believed them… Even though they had complete control over our lives at the time, they wanted to make their power seem larger than life, and it absolutely worked. They seemed like the dang illuminati to me,” she said.

This Isn’t the First Time Banks Has Come Under Fire

In January 2021, Banks was accused of emotional abuse. Former contestant Lisa D’Amato — who was on Cycle 5 and who won the All Star season — took to Instagram to share part of her experience.

D’Amato explained that she took part in an E! True Hollywood Story special despite the contract that she signed with “ANTM” because she wanted to “warn” other girls who were going to try out for the show. D’Amato claimed that Banks used her “childhood trauma against [her].”

“How do you sleep at night knowing that you’re torturing and poking at…girls childhood traumas for your own profit?” D’Amato asked in her emotional video. She went on to share some clips of other contestants sharing their experiences on the show as well.

In light of the new claims that the models were paid a mere $40 per day — and had to buy their own food — while competing on “Top Model,” D’Amato shared five additional videos of her experience on the show — and specifically with Banks.

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