Breonna Taylor Body Camera Video: See the Crime Scene [Watch]

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Getty A demonstrator holds a sign with the image of Breonna Taylor.

Body camera videos shot in the immediate aftermath of the Breonna Taylor shooting were among the evidence released in a massive investigative file in October.

There are no videos depicting the shooting itself, according to the Courier Journal.

Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman, was shot to death by Louisville Metro Police March 13, 2020, when officers were serving a warrant at her apartment.

Here’s what you need to know:

Body Cam Footage Shows the Crime Scene as Officers Clear the Apartment Following Taylor’s Death

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The 10-minute video opens with officers staged outside the home, and taking stock of the situation. At this time, Taylor was already fatally shot.

“She’s down at the end of the hall,” one officer says on the video.

Officers systematically clear the area, beginning with the kitchen. Taylor’s body is censored in the video.

The police officers then go room to room, working their way down the hall. They clear the first room, which is in front of Taylor and Walker’s bedroom. The hallway remains dark as officers clear the home.

In the bedroom, a TV is on playing upbeat music. Beauty products are on a vanity in the bedroom, and a poster of the Eiffel Tower hangs beside the bed. Another image of an Eiffel Tower is on the door in a bathroom further down the hall. Officers look through the bedroom closet and check under the bed, using a flashlight.

Once the immediate vicinity around Taylor’s body is cleared, police check Taylor’s pulse and call for a medic. One officer tells the others to give the medic room to work and turn on the hallway lights. Police point out slugs and shell casings in the area, asking the others to watch out for the evidence so it is not disturbed.

“Don’t turn your cameras off,” one officer says.

After Taylor is pronounced dead, an officer says the apartment “is now a crime scene.”

Shots on the camera show some details of the apartment and its décor. A brightly colored “Home” sign is on the front door. The apartment appears clean and includes tasteful decorations and furniture.

One of the officers says on the video that Taylor’s boyfriend said she was the one shooting at officers. Walker later told police he was the one shooting the gun at police, and said he told them it was his girlfriend because he was scared.

“We have to be mindful of what we say around the camera now,” an officer said. “I know you all are good on it, but we have to be mindful what we say.”

Outside, police were being debriefed on the incident.

“There’s nobody else in there but her,” a police officer says.

“Just don’t step on casings. They’re everywhere,” he tells a police officer going inside to check Taylor’s injuries.

The Investigative File Into Taylor’s Shooting Death Include 57 Body Cam Videos

The Courier Journal detailed the contents of the investigative files which were released. The file includes 57 body cam videos from officers who responded to the shooting scene, interviews with dozens of officers who were on the scene during the shooting and afterward, and investigative reports written by LMPD Public Integrity Unit investigators.

Mayor Greg Fischer said in a statement, “it was important to release the PIU files as quickly as possible to the public, after making necessary redactions. Much of the information in these files was included in records from the Grand Jury proceedings that were released last week.”

Withheld records include medical records, cellphone extraction reports, autopsy photos, two sealed search warrants and “intelligence work-up reports” from the city’s Real Time Crime Center, the newspaper reported. Information including Social Security numbers, addresses and names of witnesses not previously identified were redacted, in addition to photos and medical information for Taylor and Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, who was injured in the shooting.

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