Is This Why Britney Spears Doesn’t Spend a lot of Time with Her Boys?

Britney Spears in a blue dress with both of her sons.

Getty Images Britney Spears, sons Sean Preston Federline, and Jayden James Federline attend the premiere "Smurfs 2" at Regency Village Theatre on July 28, 2013 in Westwood, California.

Britney Spears is a proud mother of two boys but she doesn’t get to spend a lot of time with them. Sean Preston, 15, and Jayden James, 14, live full time with their dad, Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline. Spears rarely shares photos of her sons on social media, leading fans to believe that she doesn’t get to spend a lot of time with them for one reason or another.

According to a July report from TMZ, Spears has her boys about 30 percent of the time, while Federline has them the other 70 percent. Their original custody agreement had them splitting time with the boys 50/50.

Now, a new report from Us Weekly claims that Spears doesn’t get to see her kids much because of her father. This stems back to an altercation between Spears’ dad Jamie and her oldest son.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Source Said That a Change in Custody Happened Days After an ‘Altercation’ Involving Spears’ Oldest Son

In September 2019, Jamie Spears got in an “altercation” with Spears and Federline’s oldest son, Preston. While details of the incident weren’t made public, a source previously told Us Weekly that an argument between Jamie and Preston led to Jamie shaking his grandson.

Federline obtained a restraining order and, days later, he and Spears changed up their 50/50 custody agreement. According to TMZ, the former couple agreed to the new arrangement and the site noted that Spears’ time with her son was not supervised.

“[Jamie] is the reason she has far less custodial time with her sons than she did before. The incident with Jamie and Preston changed everything. It was a major blow for Britney. She, Kevin, Preston and Jayden have all seen Jamie differently ever since,” a source told Us Weekly.

Federline Is ‘Not Worried’ About His Kids Being With Their Mom

Despite mental health concerns surrounding Spears over the years, Federline is not opposed to her spending time with their teenaged boys, according to TMZ.

“Kevin is confident their boys are healthy and safe when they’re at their mom’s home… and he’s not the least bit influenced by the persistent buzz from some fans who claim Britney should be freed from her conservatorship. There are always other people at the home when the boys visit … making Kevin feel that much more comfortable,” TMZ reported back in July.

A source told the outlet that if Federline had any concerns about the safety of his kids when they were with their mom, he would take legal action. However, since he hasn’t, it seems obvious that he’s comfortable with their current arrangement.

Jayden James Doesn’t Seem to Like His Grandfather & Said as Much in a now-Deleted Instagram Video

Earlier this year, Jayden James posted some things on Instagram that weren’t appropriate. According to E! News, Jayden called his grandfather a “pretty big d*ck” in a video that was removed by Instagram. Jayden also said something about his mom’s career and insinuated that she “might” quit.

The video was quite controversial at the time and it’s something that Federline privately talked to his son about.

“Kevin was not happy to see that and he is addressing it as you would expect a responsible parent to address it,” Federline’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan told the outlet at the time. “We wouldn’t anticipate seeing any further posts like that again,” he added.

Spears did not publicly comment on the video.

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