Meghan Trainor’s Comments About Britney Spears Spark Outrage from Fans

Britney Spears and Meghan Trainor at red carpet events.

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Fans of Meghan Trainor and Britney Spears have been going back and forth on Twitter following some apparent low-key shade the “All About That Bass” singer threw at the “Toxic” singer.

In a clash between the Megatronz and the Britney Army, many of the former are calling for Meghan Trainor to be canceled. A few video clips of Trainor seeming to trash Spears’ career have surfaced, putting the two fan bases at odds.

Here’s what you need to know:

Meghan Trainor Made a Comment About Britney Spears Lip Syncing During a Sit-Down With Whitney Cummings

Spears fans have been circulating Trainor’s one-on-one with comedian and podcast host, Whitney Cummings, from two weeks ago. During the interview, Cummings asked Trainor if she knew who Milli Vanilli was. Trainor didn’t know the duo off the top of her head but soon realized that the group was known for lip synching songs that were recorded by other people.

In describing the group, Trainor compared them to Spears, flat out saying that Spears lip syncs her music.

“When like Britney Spears records her vocal — most of the time — and then goes out and lip syncs to herself,” Trainor said, explaining the difference between the pop star and the R&B group.

You can check out the exchange in the video above around the 10-minute mark.

The Respective Fan Bases Have Been Going Back & Forth in a Heated Twitter Exchange

Spears fans were quick to fire back at Trainor, sending her all kinds of nasty messages on social media. Some referred to Trainor as a “one hit wonder” while others demanded she be “canceled.”

“RIP #meghantrainor / don’t mess with the Britneyarmy #BritneySpears,” wrote one Twitter user. 

“@Meghan_Trainor b*tch! You do not come for the queen #BritneySpears ! You call your career a career? If it wasn’t for @NICKIMINAJ i wouldn’t even know who the f*ck you are! Gee shut the f*ck up,” wrote another.

“It’s a little sad for a character like @Meghan_Trainor (the one hit wonder who sang ‘all about the bass’ since y’all probably don’t know her) tries to come for Britney for publicity! Gurl ur embarrassing urself, many have tired that before u lol,” added a third.

Unsurprisingly, Trainor fans have responded in kind.

“The fact that Britney stans are harassing and attacking a pregnant woman for saying something that everyone already knew is so toxic. and the fact that they’re wasting their time sending unnecessary hate and death threats upon Meghan Trainor’s unborn child is disgusting,” tweeted one fan. 

“This is an absolute mess. This further proves why Meghan gets slandered for literally no apparent reason. It’s sad,” wrote a second.

“We’re tired honestly, you tried to “cancel” her but it was over the dumbest reason possible, let the woman live her life,” added another

This Isn’t the First Time That Trainor Has Mentioned Britney in an Apparent Diss

Spears fans have also pointed out another occasion in which Trainor appeared to shade the “Womanizer” singer. In an interview with Gayle King and L.A. Reid back in 2016, Trainor said that she was a huge fan of Spears back in the day but she soon realized that Spears’ music was written by producers.

“At a very young age, I thought Britney Spears was writing all her lyrics and songs and I just wanted to be Britney Spears. So I was a big producer fan when I was younger. I soon figured out it was Max Martin doing everything, so I loved… I was a big fan of Max Martin,” Trainor said.

You can check out the video below.

A tweet from a Britney fan account claimed that Trainor spoke “disrespectfully” about Spears, referring to the above interview.

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