Jason Wimberly, ‘Southern Charm’ Cameran Eubanks’ Husband: 5 Fast Facts

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Southern Charm’s Cameran Eubanks has been married to her husband Jason Wimberly for six years. The two share a (almost) 3-year-old daughter Palmer Corinne. Eubanks has appeared on Bravo’s Southern Charm reality series since season 1, but she announced that she was leaving the show earlier this year in May.

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Wimberly only appeared once on the reality television show, during the season 6 finale. Eubanks frequently posts photos of herself, Wimberly, and Palmer, but Wimberly prefers to live his life outside of reality television.

Eubanks and Wimberly both have professional careers, but Eubanks has taken a step back since having their daughter. Wimberly is an anesthesiologist and Eubanks is a real estate agent. Here’s what you need to know about Cameran Eubanks’ husband, Jason Wimberly.

1.Cameran Eubanks & Jason Wimberly Met on a Blind Date

Eubanks explained that she met her husband on a blind date, and it wasn’t necessarily love at first sight. “I was like uh, I’m probably not going to go on a second date with him,” she said on a Southern Charm confessional.

While Eubanks didn’t immediately fall in love with Wimberly, it only took one more time for her to realize he was the one for her. “Fast forward, he calls me a couple days later and he says, ‘you know, I know this is a little soon for a second date, but I’ve got Prince tickets,’ she said during a Southern Charm confessional.

Eubanks continued saying, “Well I’m not gonna turn down tickets to Prince, and by the end of the night, I knew that was gonna be the man I was gonna marry. So ladies, always give a guy a second chance.”

2.Jason Wimberly Loves ‘Southern Charm’

Wimberly has chosen to keep his life private, and Eubanks has also kept her love life off the cameras. Even though Wimberly doesn’t appear on the show, he is still a huge fan of the show.

“He’s a fan too,” Eubanks told the Daily Dish. “Like my husband is a super fan of Bravo in general and Southern Charm, like he loves it. That’s a big misconception, people go, ‘oh he’s not supportive, he must hate the show.’ No he loves it, so I think he was a little excited now that it’s become successful to be apart of it.”

She echoed the sentiment in another interview with the Daily Dish where she said, “You’d be surprised to know how much he loves Southern Charm. People think that bc he won’t be on tv he doesn’t like approve or doesn’t like the show. It’s the total opposite. He’s the one that encourages me to do it every season.”

When Wimberly did make a small cameo in the season 6 finale, Eubanks joked to ET that she, “wore him down.” She added, “Jason is a very private, very quiet person, and I convinced him to come to a group event, and I told him there will be a lot of people, it’s not gonna be focused on you, so I think it calmed his nerves.”

3.Wimberly Is Close With Other ‘Southern Charm’ Cast Members

Although Wimberly doesn’t hangout with the cast during filming, he still has a close relationship with many of the cast members. “Jason, he’s a good egg, he’s a good guy,” Eubanks told the Daily Dish.

Eubanks continued, “He’s actually really close friends with everybody on the cast, he just doesn’t want to be on camera which I don’t blame him. I get it. Not everybody is built for reality television.”

Wimberly has a close friendship with many of the Southern Charm members, especially Shep Rose. “I’ve heard him make comments to Shep you know about you gotta look deeper, you gotta see what’s underneath – not the clothes – but you know the heart,” Eubanks joked.

Rose echoed the sentiment telling the Daily Dish in August 2019, “Jason is one of the smartest, most thoughtful guys. He reminds me of my dad, honestly. He’s a good listener and he knows a lot about a lot — and I really like Jason, a whole lot.”

Eubanks’ BFF shared why he also thought Wimberly decided to stay off the screen. “Honestly, I think Jason didn’t want to do it ’cause he’s a shy person,” he told the Daily Dish. “I think that’s the bottom line.”

4.Wimberly Is Hoping for Another Baby

Eubanks opened up about her decision to have a baby on Southern Charm and admitted that she was nervous and scared to have one. While she has since expressed how thankful she is to have her daughter Palmer, she’s hesitant to expand her family. Wimberly on the other hand, is ready for more.

“I think he would have more,” she told People. “I think he would love to have a boy. But I know if I got pregnant I would have another girl.”

She added, “I think one is all I can handle. I have the self-awareness to know that I can be a really good mother to one, not sure if I could be a really good mother to more than one. Everyone says like, ‘Oh well don’t you want to give her a sibling?’ And I’m like, ‘I want to give her a sane mother.'”

5.Rumors Circulated Regarding an Alleged Affair

Earlier this year in May, AllAboutTheTea.com alleged that former cast member Cameran Eubanks’ husband Jason Wimberly had been having an affair behind Eubanks’ back. The site claimed that fellow costar Kathryn Dennis was going to expose the affair on season 7 of Southern Charm, so Eubanks decided to leave the show.

Rebecca Wash — a makeup artist in Charleston, South Carolina — was the woman accused of being Jason Wimberly’s alleged mistress, according to AllAboutTheTea.com. Eubanks, Wimberly, and Wash have all denied the accusations.

Eubanks has denied the allegations and that they affected her decision to leave. The reality star posted a statement on her Instagram on May 13. “It has come to my attention that insidious rumors are now spreading and fake articles being written… some of which pertain to my marriage,” Eubanks wrote in her statement.

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