Does Captain Lee Rosbach Kick Off Guests on Below Deck This Season?

Lee Rosbach

Getty Captain Lee Rosbach in 2020

During this upcoming season of Below Deck, it seems like something shocking is about to happen: Captain Lee Rosbach may kick guests off of the charter!

In the Season 8 trailer, Rosbach is seen yelling at someone who has swum off the boat in the middle of the night. It’s pitch black outside when Rosbach is seen yelling to the mystery person, “Get your goddamn a** back to this boat, now. Your charter just ended.”

During an October 28 interview with E!, Rosbach talks more about the incident and doesn’t quite confirm whether or not the person who gets kicked off the boat is a guest or a crew member. “Now, how do you know it was a guest?” Rosbach said to E!. “I could’ve been talking to a crew member, but I’m not gonna spoil anything.”

Captain Lee Rosbach Said That the Incident Has Never Happened to Him Before

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Regardless of who gets kicked off the boat, Rosbach revealed to E! that this kind of situation has never happened to him before. “I will tell you this, it is something I have never, ever done in 35 years of yachting,” Rosbach said to E!. “Until now. It’s never, ever happened to me before. That is a first.”

Rosbach also recently Tweeted back at a fan who asked him about what happened. “It is a Below Deck first for me ever, and the series. But I do not regret it, but you will have to watch to see exactly who prompted that visoral response,” Rosbach wrote back to the fan.

This Season of ‘Below Deck’ Deals With Some Other Serious Issues

This season of Below Deck will also deal with some other serious issues, including the spread of the coronavirus. During the trailer, Rosbach is heard saying, “The f***ing world’s going to hell in a f***ing handbasket.” During a recent interview with E!, Rosbach said that the coronavirus situation was a bit confusing.

“You have to keep in mind that we’re pretty isolated there,” Rosbach told E!. “We’re kind of like, in a cocoon…in spite of the fact that we have satellite, we have everything that we need, but it comes in a little bit late and a little bit tardy.”

Rosbach continued, telling E!, “When you work on a yacht and you work on a super yacht, you’re used to the unexpected and things coming up and emergencies happening. It has a tendency to prepare you, more so than the average individual, I think.”

Captain Lee Rosbach Had to Kick Charter Guests off the Boat Once Before

According to Bravo, Rosbach had to kick guests off of the boat during the very first episode of Below Deck. In his memoir, Rosbach revealed that they had found what they believed to be cocaine in a guest’s room. “It was a tough situation to be in,” Rosbach wrote in his book, according to Bravo. “On the one hand, we want clients to be happy. On the other hand, I don’t want my boat to get boarded by the Coast Guard, and I don’t want to go to jail for 25 years. I made the decision to kick them off the boat.”

Rosbach continued, according to Bravo, “After they’d left, I then told the crew to take the boat apart. I didn’t want any hidden stashes left on my boat. If I found any powder I couldn’t account for, it was going over the side. It was a hell of a lot of work, we didn’t find anything, and we lost some clients, but it was more than worth it to get that kind of garbage off my boat.”

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