Why Charmaine Bey Almost Left ‘Black Ink Crew’

charmaine bey black ink crew chicago

VH1 Charmaine Bey of" Black Ink Crew Chicago."

Reality television has had to compromise with filming due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Two new series have been born out of this experience: Secrets Unlocked and Confessions , two series that put stars from Love & Hip Hop and Black Ink Crew on the spot about things that happened that didn’t make it onto the show. On April 12, 2021, Black Ink Crew Chicago Confessions  will be airing on VH1 where the show’s stars share some tea about what has happened behind the scenes.  Heavy caught up with Charmaine Bey, who has starred on Black Ink Crew Chicago since the first season. During our chat Bey opened up about why she almost exited the show, what other show she would love to join and why Ms. Kitty left Black Ink Crew New York. See below.

Why Charmaine Bey Almost Left Black Ink Crew Chicago

At one point, Bey wanted to exit Black Ink Crew: Chicago over their association with Big Fish Entertainment. Big Fish Entertainment also served as a production company for A&E’s Live PD, which became involved in a scandal after a Black man named Javier Ambler’s death was caught on video and the footage was later destroyed. According to USA Today, the “video of the tragic death of Javier Ambler was captured by body cams worn on the officers involved as well by the producers of Live PD who were riding with certain officers involved.”

Once Viacom cut ties with the production company, Bey changed her mind.

“During that time I left the show but Viacom stood up to the situation and stopped working with Big Fish Entertainment. So I was able to keep my job.”

How Ms. Kitty Left the New York Cast & Joined Chicago

Ms. Kitty was known for being a member of the Black Ink Crew New York cast but now she is an official member of Black Ink Crew: Chicago. This happened thanks to her relationship with Bey. She said that after watching Ms. Kitty not be treated fairly she reached out to her and they formed a friendship.

“I saw the way she was being treated and I didn’t think it was cool at all,” she told Heavy.

After the death of Bey’s mother, Glenda Walker, Ms. Kitty reached out and gave her a tremendous amount of support and even did Walker’s makeup for her funeral.

“Kitty will always have a special place in my heart,” she said.

Ms. Kitty now works at Bey’s tattoo shop 2nd City Ink.

If Bey Could Be a Member of Another Reality Show it Would Be This One

Bey has been a member of Black Ink Crew Chicago since its first season in 2013 but if she could join another show’s cast she said it would be the Real Housewives of AtlantaIt would only be under one condition though.

“They would have bring Nene [Leakes] back though,” she said. “She made that show. It looks like they are having a great season but if I was to do it NeNe would definitely have to come back… I am glad they were able to figure it out without NeNe because usually when someone like her leaves the show it can suck.”

Black Ink Crew: Chicago Confessions airs April 12, 2021 on VH1 at 8:00 p.m EST.

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