Chef Ben Robinson Update: What Is the Below Deck Cook Doing Now?

Chef Ben Robinson

NBCUMV Below Deck Chef Ben Robinson

If you’ve been a longtime fan of Below Deck, you would remember Chef Ben Robinson. Robinson was a fan-favorite, and many viewers may be disappointed by his absence on this upcoming season of Below Deck. If Robinson isn’t working on My Seanna, then where is he?

According to Robinson’s website, he now has his own catering business. Robinson will travel all over the world to cater to private events, and also teach others how to cook. Robinson is also available for guest appearances, according to his website. So, the next time you have a party, you may want to think about hiring Chef Robinson!

According to his Instagram page, it seems like Robinson was recently in Florida and has been catering for various events there. On October 5, Robinson shared a photo of some of the gorgeously plated dishes that he made while in Vero Beach, Florida. In the caption, Robinson wrote, “It’s these moments that I’m at my happiest… A lifetime of creation, and I’m still improving…”

Robinson also shared another photo of the bluefin that he made for a group in Melbourne, Florida on June 14. In the caption, Robinson wrote, “Great gig on Friday night!”

Robinson Has a YouTube Channel

Chef Ben – My FAMOUS Marinated chicken recipe2020-06-30T22:42:00Z

Chef Ben Robinson also has a YouTube channel, where he shares some of his famous recipes as well as shares his various tips and tricks in the kitchen. On June 30, Robinson shared the recipe for his famous marinated chicken thighs. Robinson shows viewers exactly what they need to do, step-by-step, to make this delicious dish.

On June 26, Robinson also shared a video of himself making his waygu black truffle risotto. In the video, Robinson revealed that he liked to mix in truffle paste to this dish for some added richness.

Robinson Has Revealed Why He Left the Show

During an August 2019 interview with People, Robinson revealed why he originally left the show after four seasons. “It’s not just the workload, it’s the compromise,” Robinson revealed to People. “I’ve got 8 or more crew members to cook for plus 8 guests who need breakfast, lunch, dinner, hors d’oeuvre, snacks, and anything else they want in the meantime. So I’m not obviously making the food that I would love to make, which I call ‘intelligent food’ or ‘art food.’ You just don’t have time to do it.”

Robinson continued, telling People., “So there comes a point in a chef’s life where… what direction do you want to go in? I thought yachting was good for my 20s and early 30s, but now I’m really trying to push the envelope and make world-class food. I wasn’t really getting that opportunity on yachts. I’ll do one dinner for my own company — I’ll go to a city and do one really beautiful dinner — and I’ll have three or four days to prepare. That is a luxury. Beautiful food takes time.”

However, it looks like Robinson wasn’t able to stay away from yachting for too long. During Season 4 of Below Deck Med, Robinson swooped in to save the day after Captain Sandy Yawn had to fire their first chef, Mila Kolomeitseva, in the middle of the season. Although his return to the show was exciting for fans, it seems like Robinson has moved on to work on other opportunities.

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