Is Chipotle Open or Closed New Year’s Eve & Day 2020-2021?

Chipotle on Thanksgiving

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If you’re wanting to enjoy Chipotle for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, then we have good news. Chipotle is open both days, but it’s closing early on New Year’s Eve.

Chipotle Is Closing Early on New Year’s Eve 2020

A representative from Chipotle confirmed with Heavy that all Chipotle restaurants will be closing early on Thursday, December 31 at 8 p.m. local time.

This will allow employees to still celebrate New Year’s Eve, while also offering Chipotle for people wanting that before ringing in the New Year. So if you’re wanting Chipotle on New Year’s Eve, make sure you stop by early before it closes or get in your delivery order early.

Chipotle Is Open on New Year’s Day 2021

A representative from Chipotle confirmed with Heavy that all Chipotle locations will be open for their regular business hours on New Year’s Day 2021.

Unlike Christmas Day, when Chipotle was closed, all locations will be open on New Year’s Day. So this is great news if you’re not wanting to cook on New Year’s, but would prefer to enjoy Chipotle instead. All of Chipotle’s delicious offerings will be available again, including barbacoa, chicken, steak, carnitas, veggies, and more.

Chipotle is currently offering merch that you can get if you love the brand. These include cozy tees, jackets, tops, active gear, and bags. Right now the offerings include a Pepper Bomber Jacket, a Pepper Jean Jacket, an Avocado Jean Jacket, and special t-shirts with different sayings, such as a “custom order tee,” a pepper pocket tee, a burrito pocket tee, an extra pocket tee, and tees that just read “chipotle” on the front. Chipotle even has button-up shirts, crewneck sweatshirts, weekender duffle bags, Chipotle-themed slides, foil duffle bags, Chipotle-themed leggings, themed water bottles, pajama pants, and even Chipotle-themed joggers.

Join Chipotle Rewards for Specials & to Earn Points

If you join Chipotle Rewards, you can earn points for free food at Chipotle restaurants everywhere. You’ll earn points with each of your purchases and you’ll also receive a surprise for your birthday.

With Chipotle Rewards, you’ll get 10 points for every $1 spent, and you’ll get free Chipotle when you hit 1250 points (every time.) There are also days when you earn more points for ordering certain items or you might get bonus points for trying something new. So keep an eye on the Rewards specials that are being offered from time to time.

Chipotle’s Instagram account also posts specials from time to time that you might not see anywhere else. So this is a good account to follow if you’re looking for specials.

Chipotle has been promoting safe COVID-19 dining and takeout since the pandemic began.

You can read about all their safety precautions here. Precautions include hand sanitizer for guests, face masks for all crew members, handwashing every 30 minutes, and a dedicated dining room steward to ensure continuous cleaning and to assist with social distancing. Contactless pickup and delivery options are still available for customers, along with tamper-evident bags with packing seals and daily wellness checks for employees.

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